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HTML tags are important to optimize your SEO. They allow you to categorize your content and highlight important parts. Hn tags can stress out pieces of content that need to stand out to Google’ eyes and to your readers. OnCrawl has integrated these data in its SEO crawler.

In your ‘Content’ tab you can access a ‘Main Tags’ subcategory.

content tab

Then, you can access a clear view of your Hn performances.

oncrawl SEO crawler


SEO crawler oncrawl

If you click on any specific section of a chart, you will access an URL viewer with the URLs concerned. For instance, here we have selected the duplicated H1.

SEO audit

Good practices to HTML tags

  • Only write one H1 per page
  • Write unique Hn
  • Insert your main keyword in your H1
  • Avoid writing more than 10 H2
  • Prefer between 2 and 5 H2

For any questions about HTML tags, feel free to drop us a line @Oncrawl_CS