Log Analyzer for SEO

With Oncrawl SEO Log Analyzer, discover how Google and bots crawl your website.

Check crawl errors from bots, Monitor the crawl rate of each bot for any group of pages,  Improve your architecture and your crawlability. Get the SEO traffic you deserve.

Free SEO Log analyzer

Log file analysis should be easy and actionnable.

That’s why we made it Open-Source! Our log analyzer was designed for SEOs and we want the SEO community to take advantage of such technology. So you can use either the open-source version and start doing log analysis for free — except your own hosting costs — and build your very own SEO dashboard.

You can also choose to send us your logs and we will give you access to our Oncrawl Advanced Platform. Get a powerful SEO view with Log & crawl Data

Get more SEO knowledge with Logs and Crawl Data

Logs Crawl data for SEO

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