TOP 20 content marketing influencers to follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to catch the latest news and trends. About content marketing there is a bunch of Twitter accounts talkings about this large subject. But which one should you prefer and follow to get everything relevant? This selection of 20 content marketing accounts are leading by great influencers. Let’s follow them!

#1- Andrew Hutchinson  

expert content marketing

Working for SocialMediaToday, Andrew’ account is great for getting tips about content marketing and social media news.

#2- Gerry Moran  

expert content marketing

Gerry Twitter account is clear and always relevant. If you need resources about content marketing, that’s where you should look.

#3- Jeff Bullas 

expert content marketing

Jeff has been rewarded by Forbes in the Top 10 Social Media Influencers. He delivers useful news about marketing strategies.

#4- Rebekah Radice 

expert content marketing

Rebekah is an award winning social media writer who has a great community on Twitter. She offers helpful advices about social media and content marketing strategies.

#5- Michael Brenner 

expert content marketing

Blogger for MKTGInsiders and head of strategy at Newscred, Micheal shares a relevant curation on Twitter and its own articles.

#6- Jason A Miller 

expert content marketing

Working for LinkedIn, Jason shares great resources about marketing and content optimisation and often shares his point of vue about trending topics.

#7- Kelsey Libert 

expert content marketing

Writing for authoritative blogs, Kelsey offers qualitative informations about content marketing through its own curation.

#8- Rebecca Lieb 

expert content marketing

Rebecca is known for being relevant on her account. Follow her and you will get great tips.

#9- Juntae DeLane 

expert content marketing

Juntea shares great news about digital marketing from his blog and his curation.

#10- Erika Heald 

expert content marketing

This awsome content marketer owns an helpful Twitter account where you can find tips.

#11- Scott Abel 

expert content marketing

Scott, as a content strategist, delivers meaningful advices.

#12- Martin Jones  

expert content marketing

This complete marketer is a great resource for content marketing, digital and social media.

#13- Pratik Dholakiya  

expert content marketing

As an established content influencer, Pratik offers great informations, tips and advices about content marketing.

#14- Brian Fanzo

expert content marketing

Brian is well known for his digital marketing knowledges and his account is great for that.

#15- Chad Pollitt  

expert content marketing

Chad loves to use military metaphors to explain his ideas. His Twitter account is pretty relevant.

#16- Ann Handley   

expert content marketing

Ann is an authoritative blogger and shares great ideas and contents on her Twitter feed.

#17- Brian Carter 

expert content marketing

Brian is a great resource if you need tips and trends about content marketing.

#18- Heidi Cohen  

expert content marketing

Heidi offers actionnable tips and knowledges about content marketing or social media.

#19- Ardath Albee   

expert content marketing

Ardath is a well known content marketing strategist followed for her feedbacks about marketing trends.

#20- Melissa Harrison 

expert content marketing

Melissa shares useful tips related to content marketing.


This is our top content marketing influencers list to follow on Twitter. Don’t hesitate to drop us a comment if you feel like someone else should appear in this list.


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