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Set up crawls
to include keyword data

Connect to Google Search Console to view how SEO indicators like load time or site architecture impact your positions.

Audit to prioritize
technical optimizations for best returns

Analyze the performance on your site of structured data, Open Graph implementation, internal linking, and duplicate content management.

Develop SEO strategies
based on real data

Increase rankings using the strategies with the most effect, whether that means optimizing internal links, addressing sitemap coverage, or increasing page speed.

increased organic traffic

Measure changes in organic traffic and in average rankings following optimizations.


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Our Customer Success Managers are engineers and senior SEOs with 5+ years experience. We help our users to get the most out of our solutions by providing actionable resources, reactive daily support, and training courses based on their objectives.

Education websites use OnCrawl to boost their SEO performance

An award-winning solution adapted to the needs of education websites

Improving organic visibility for future students

Using OnCrawl has help us improve rankings and organic traffic: we were able to detect 149 534 orphan pages that accounted for 37% of all organic visits, reorganize the whole website structure, prune 60% of the content, lead the Googlebot to crawl the right pages and increase sessions by 37% and the number of transactions by 22%.

Omi Sido

Omi Sido Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe

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