Google Analytics + OnCrawl

Combine your Google Analytics data and crawl data to understand how SEO, SMO and user’s behavior impact your organic traffic.

Monitor the impact of SEO traffic

OnCrawl lets you analyze how usage metrics impact the quality of SEO traffic. Measure the weight of on-page SEO factors on organic traffic and rankings. Track the characteristic of your most active pages and uncover orphan pages and understand if they generate visits.

Analyze the influence of SMO traffic

OnCrawl helps you analyze how usage metrics impact the quality of SMO traffic. Understand the influence of on-page SEO factors like social tags on your shares and SMO traffic by groups of pages.
Highlight the characteristics of your most active SMO pages and highlight SMO visits generated by active orphan pages.

Understand the impact of user’s behavior

OnCrawl delivers clear insights about how on-site SEO factors impact user experience. Determine which compromising performances are penalizing your organic traffic.


  • Google Analytics ownership
  • Active OnCrawl subscription

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About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an audience analytics solution provided by Google since 2005. The solution helps its users to qualitatively and quantitatively monitor all sources of web traffic. Google Analytics uses a tag providing for each page reports and defined but also custom dashboards. Traffic source, social media, signups, devices, time on-site but also search engine optimization are part of the many offered native metrics.

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