OnCrawl is constantly evolving and we give a strong importance to develop features that answer real SEO needs. In this infographic, we focus on 4 features you may not know before but that make our tool awesome and actionable. From javascript crawling to data scraping or staging website analysis, get to know more about your favorite (or about to come?) SEO tool 🙂

4 Technical SEO features you did not know

4 Technical SEO features you did not know about oncrawl

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Infographic retranscription

You thought you knew OnCrawl by heart? We have terrific features that should be more exposed and used by our users. Discover 4 awesome hidden features you did not know

1# JavaScript Crawl

We can render javascript of crawled web pages and we can crawl websites of any sizes at any speed, including those for which javascript must be rendered for the content to be available (think Angular.js, Ember.js or React.js websites or web applications).

2# Tagging Plan Validation

We can verify if all your analytics tags are well implemented on all your pages performing full render of the webpage (including js/ css / images loading) and by checking if the trackers are well “triggered”. We can also provide, for each tracker, what parameters were sent with each of them.

3# Staging Website Analysis

We can crawl a staging website whether it is protected by a password using HTTP authentication or whether your test site is located on a different server using a DNS override.

4# Custom Scraping

We can setup any custom scraping for your websites with custom export format to align different crawls in one report

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