Still debating wether you should opt for our OnCrawl log analyzer with our Open Source version or upgrade to our SaaS and advanced version? This infographic will help you get a better understanding of all the options they both provide and let you see the unique set of benefits for each version.

Friendly reminder
An SEO log analyzer helps you discover how Google and bots crawl your website. In other words it helps you detect whether or not Google is dedicating enough of its crawl budget on your important pages. At the end of the day, the whole point of using an SEO log analyzer is to get you actionable data and assist you in boosting your rankings and your SEO!

Check out our infographic below to learn more about both of our versions!

OnCrawl Open Source VS OnCrawl Advanced

A comparison of OnCrawl’ Open Source and OnCrawl Advanced (Saas) Log Analyzer functionalities


infographic open source vs saas
Hopefully this infographic helped you understand the two OnCrawl versions of our SEO log analyzer in detail to determine which is best for your business. Now that you have a solid understanding of the specificities of both types of platform, which one should you pick? As long as you choose a solution that can maximize your SEO efforts, you’ll be good to go! In fact, with OnCrawl at your side, you’re in good hands with either or 😉


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Infographic retranscription

Crawler behavior (Analyze the activity of different web crawlers to understand how they behave on your website)

  • Bots hits analysis – possible with both versions
  • Crawl frequency – Open Source: not possible – SaaS: possible 
  • Filter by page groups – Open Source: can be done  modified manually in the Logstash – Saas: possible

SEO impact (Analyze your visits, active and inactive pages.Discover which new pages generate traffic)

  • Active Pages analysis – possible with both versions
  • Freshrank computing (The Fresh Rank is an in-house metric, just like Inrank. It computes the time that a page takes between its first crawl by Google and its first SEO visit) – Open Source: not possible – SaaS: possible 
  • SEO visits analysis – possible with both versions
  • Filter by page groups – Open Source: can be done  modified manually in the Logstash – Saas: possible

Exploration Sanity (Get a clear view of your site’s technical performances when bots crawl it)

  • Status codes overview – possible with both versions
  • Resources overview – possible with both versions
  • Loading time analysis – Open Source: not possible – SaaS: possible

Logs explorer (Set up requests for each graph with the ability to custom them (build queries of your own with no limitation)

  • Logs explorer – Open Source: not possible – SaaS: possible

Combined analysis Logs vs Crawl (Understand how your SEO optimizations impact your crawlability)

  • Crossed analysis
  • Active, inactive and orphan pages by group of pages
  • Impact of SEO metrics on crawl frequency

Technical specificities (Relates to all the technical parameters)

  • Assistance with automatic imports
  • Data export
  • Custom parser forms
  • Readable compressed versions


  • Plan – Open Source: Free – SaaS: Starts at 99€/month
  • Support – Open Source: no support – SaaS: mail, chat and telephone support