With this latest infographic, we present you 8 solutions that you can implement to quickly improve your SEO performances.


Infographic retranscription: 8 tips for an optimised onpage SEO

Even if SEO is considered as a long-term strategy, there are still some tricks that you can implement to quickly increase your rankings.

Canonicalize duplicates

Having too many internal duplicates can damage your SEO perfomances.
→ Canonicalize new URLs for the same content with a canonical tag or a 301 redirect

Improve internal anchor text

It needs to make sense for both search engines and your visitors
→ When ranking your content for a specific keyword, be specific and informative

Write unique title tags

Don’t underestimate their impact on your SEO!
→ Title tags need to be unique, keyword-targeted, simple and descriptive.

Write unique meta descriptions

Don’t let Google automatically generates your meta descriptions !
→ The same criteria as for titles tags are required.

Keep your titles short

Avoid long titles as they are not appealing to your readers and search engines.
→ Your titles should be comprised between 50 and 59 characters to match the SERPs length requirements.

Link directly to your products

For large websites owners:

  • Directly place the ‘most valuable’ pages on the homepage
  • Link to them in order to spread the link juice more effectively

Optimize structured data

Add rich snippets to your content
→ Their impact on your visibility is not to be neglected.

Avoid 404 errors

Setting up customised 404 errors can be a good way to:

  • Engage with your audience
  • Make user experience more enjoyable

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