I have been in the SEO industry for over 15 years now. One thing I love is the open-mindedness and kindness of the people in the SEOsphere. I have to admit I owe a lot to the pioneers of SEO. I’ve been spending so much time on Webmaster World and dropping tons of lines on seo-related mailing lists back in the 2000’s. The challenging discussions and the test-and-learn attitude that most of the pioneers have promoted have been crafting my skills for years.

That’s why when I saw that a movie was released about SEO, I felt I was 25 again! And step back for a second thinking about the tremendous contribution these guys made over the years. That’s a very nice piece and you should definitely watch this documentary.

As I am writing these lines, I have to tell that amongst all the great pioneers featured in the movie, some of them had a big impact on my career. First of all I would like to thank and send a “Big Up” to Bill Slawski who has written what I call the SEO-Grimoire. SEO by the SEA is my go-to weblog for everything SEO. The passion of Bill for Google Patents has shaped one of my addictions ;-). I often read patents on the week-end. And this helped me a lot when building OnCrawl’s features.

I would have like to see other guys in the Documentary like Dixon Jones, Adam Audette, Neil Patel or Laurent Bourrelly who were always a friendly source of information and inspiration. I think they ended up improving the SEO industry regarding the scientific approach we need to have as SEO professionals without neglecting that SEO still belongs to the marketing family.

Let’s go back to the future, and watch the SEO Movie!