Why attend the Crawl & Indexation Summit?

How search engines crawl and index your site constitutes one of the biggest parts of search engine optimisation. It is one of the biggest opportunities but also one of the biggest risks. Tune in to this hands-on online event to dive into the nitty gritty of how the search engines crawl, render, understand and ultimately rank your website.
This online event is powered by the team behind the renowned BrightonSEO, Roughagenda.

OnCrawl at the Crawl & Indexation Summit

 Friday Sept. 11th, 2020
10:30am – 6pm (BST)

Join OnCrawl and a panel of SEO thought leaders for a thrilling event.

Tune in to our live session presented by SEO expert and OnCrawl ambassador, Chris Green on “Internal Linking Testing Tales“.

In his practical talk, he will share an approach to testing changes before deployment, sharing lessons from some initial experiments he’s conducted as well as a plea to a more open and explorative industry.

Don’t miss out on our expert insights.

Live session

Testing Tales – Lessons & approaches for testing internal linking changes before deployment
Sept. 11th – 1:30pm BST


Chris Green
OnCrawl ambassador & Head of Marketing Innovation
@Footprint Digital

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