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November 17, 2016 - 1  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Whoop, whoop! We are quite proud to tell you that we have just launched our free SEO toolbox! After weeks of work, this is finally ready. Our SEO toolbox has been designed for SEOs and search marketers that need tailored tools by business expertises. From on-page to technical SEO, our set of tools cover major SEO needs.

We are still working on new tools to add and in the next weeks, our toolbox will be even bigger. For the moment, please discover what we got.

What’s inside the OnCrawl SEO Toolbox?

An Entity Detector

The entity explorer tool allows the user to copy paste any type of content and stresses out named entities. SEOs are able to check if their content matches their editorial guidelines, analyze their competitor’s content and improve their current SEO strategies.

A SEO Audit Chrome Extension

The OnCrawl Chrome extension is dedicated to quick SEO audits and focuses on HTML quality, meta and social tags, structured data, content and duplicates, architecture, performance, links and use X-rays to highlight actionable metrics.

OnCrawl SEO chrome extension

A Payload Analyzer

The payload analyzer focuses on page’s elements load time and track resources that lower performance and rankings.

An Open Source Log Analyzer

The OnCrawl ELK log analyzer highlights how Google bots are behaving on any page of a website on a daily basis. It focuses on bots activity and pages’ performance, crawl rate of each bot for any group of pages, architecture and crawlability.

open source log analyzer seo toolbox

An HTTP Headers Detector

The HTTP headers detector identifies the exact HTTP headers returned by a specific URL and detect any issue that could compromise your rankings.

How does it work ?

The OnCrawl SEO toolbox is completely free and unlimited of use for OnCrawl users. It is completely independent from the SEO crawler and Log Analyzer and can be used on its own.
For non OnCrawl users, the daily use is limited. After that limit, the user will need to sign up (a free 30-days trial is included) or wait 24h before to be able to use it again for free.

Emma was the Head of Communication & Marketing at Oncrawl for over seven years. She contributed articles about SEO and search engine updates.
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