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Oncrawl API

Explore, aggregate and export your data in big data volumes for use in custom solutions to business and marketing problems.


Unlimited access to Oncrawl's data

The Oncrawl API offers unlimited access to data produced through by the crawler. Our different datasets allow you to explore fine-grained metrics and dimensions from analyzed pages, discovered links and structured data, crawl comparison reports and processed log files. Oncrawl’s powerful aggregation engine allows you to compile tabular data tailored to your needs throughout an unforeseen variety of dimensions – such as titles and headings – and all the extraordinary metrics we provide – such as Inrank, load time and status codes. Easily compute averages, min, max and sums through massive datasets, and pivot the numbers across segmentations or any dimension.

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Big Data exports like never before

Our API route lets you export millions of pages in a few minutes. Depending on your bandwidth, it only takes 5 minutes to export 600+ metrics for each of over 50M crawled pages. You can export data in CSV and JSON format but also in Apache Parquet format for superior data compression and encoding schemes. It offers enhanced performance to handle complex data in bulk.

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A vendor-agnostic approach

Oncrawl’s API allows you to explore, aggregate and export your crawl and logs data without restriction. Oncrawl is currently the only SEO platform to provide a vendor-agnostic approach. In other words, Oncrawl gives you access to all of your raw data, in fully readable formats used by data warehouses and data science tools. When used with Oncrawl BI, Oncrawl’s API can also make data available for cloud export to Google Bucket, Amazon S3 or Microsoft Blob platforms.

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Custom analyses and reports

Oncrawl’s API gives you access to 1000+ data points to play with. Use Oncrawl’s API to build your very own dashboards and combine Oncrawl’s data with company’s data and third party solutions in a Data Studio dashboard for instance.

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Automated tasks & actions

The Oncrawl REST API is used for accessing your crawl data as well as managing your projects and your crawls outside of Oncrawl. We offer ready-to-use codes to launch new crawls, pilot a crawl’s state, create new projects, check the progression of your crawls and many other actions that can be automatized at scale. Integrate with Oncrawl using webhooks and automation solutions like Zapier to build complex event-driven workflows to leverage your favorite SEO KPIs.

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Fully documented code and procedures

Oncrawl’s API offers a fully documented interface with definitions of Oncrawl’s Query Language and explanations of how to use each endpoint.

Visit the Oncrawl API documentation
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" I'm proud of the choices that led to build Oncrawl around its API. The value of this decision is obvious when I see the results our clients obtain when using our API to feed data analysis processes, or even to answer strategic questions regarding the storage or integration of data produced by our platform. "
Tanguy Moal Tech Co-Founder at Oncrawl

Oncrawl API unveils your site’s potential

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