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Oncrawl Data³

Extended audits and monitoring with blended data from connectors and custom sources to drive advanced SEO insights


Understand the impact of SEO factors

Clearly understand the impact of your SEO policies on your website’s performance. Through metrics based on analysis drawn from multiple sources – namely log data and analytics solutions – you have the keys to increase your site’s ROI.

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Oncrawl SEO Impact

Track search rankings

Keep track of the keywords for which you rank and how they are influenced by crawl budget and on-page SEO. Understand the impact of SEO factors on impressions and positions.

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Analyze SEO traffic

Validate the conclusions of a crawl-based audit through the intersection with data from real site traffic extracted from solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet or Adobe Analytics.

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Oncrawl Analytics

Monitor backlinks

Analyze the impact of your backlink profile developed by Majestic on pages, on page groups, and across your entire site to use backlinks to sculpt SEO performance.

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" I've been using Oncrawl for more than 18 months and I can recommend it with clear conscience to all SEO Specialists/Analysts.
One of the main advantages of the tool is the possibility of combining huge crawl data (+10M) with thousands of log server lines, backlinks, PPC data or anything you can imagine (import). "
Wojciech Krepa SEO Manager at ACN

Oncrawl Data³ links your audit to real-life website performance

Run a website sanity check

Make sure there are no major technical problems on a website by running a fast and easy technical SEO check-up

Manage duplicate content

Use the same type of algorithms as Google to identify pages with similar or duplicate content, and ensure they’re sending the right signals to Google