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Oncrawl Analytics

Oncrawl Analytics

Oncrawl Data³ module for all-in-one dashboards dedicated to SEO, SMO traffic and user behaviors.

Merge analytics and crawl data

What makes Oncrawl Analytics unique?

Easy setup and access

Oncrawl Analytics safely handles data-sharing from your GA4, Adobe Analytics or AT Internet account. Connect your associated account to get your analytics data in our dashboards.

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Unprecedented cross-data reports

Oncrawl Analytics combines analytics data with crawl data at scale. We provide a unique overview of how your on-page indicators influence SEO, SMO visits and user behavior.

Powerful segmentation

Oncrawl Analytics is the only solution to offer segmentations based on any dataset. Take your SEO audits one step further by mapping your URLs into strategic groups and segments, before or after you crawl.

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Unmatched filtering and export options

Oncrawl provides unmatched filtering options for you to customize, narrow down and export your data without volume restriction.

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Oncrawl Analytics connects with leading solutions

What our clients say about analytics data in Oncrawl Analytics

" This is the most valuable SEO tool you could possibly have in your toolbox. Oncrawl will help you understand how your site is viewed on Google and THIS is absolutely necessary if you are doing any SEO. "
Eli Schwartz SEO Consultant

How to use Oncrawl Analytics for strategic SEO optimisations

Audit technical SEO performance

Blend data from analytics solutions and logs with audit results to discover the optimisations with the most impact on your SEO.

Run a website sanity check

Make decisions about whether to allow certain pages to be indexed, or whether to indicate a different canonical URL to avoid keyword cannibalization based on performance data from your analytics solutions.

Demonstrate the ROI of SEO

Use organic visit data to highlight the value of your recent SEO change and to prioritize upcoming improvements based on their expected effect.



Understand crawlability and indexing

Clearly show the effect of SEO in a way that developers, sales teams, and decision-makers can understand, in order to gain the support you need for your SEO projects.

Oncrawl Data³ is composed of 4 independent modules

Oncrawl Analytics

Oncrawl Analytics

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Oncrawl SEO Impact

Oncrawl SEO Impact

Clearly understand the impact of your SEO policies on your website’s performance. Through metrics based on analysis drawn from multiple sources – namely log data and analytics solutions – you have the keys to increase your site’s ROI.
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Oncrawl Rankings

Keep track of the keywords for which you rank and how they are influenced by crawl budget and on-page SEO. Understand the impact of SEO factors on impressions and positions.
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Oncrawl Backlinks

Analyze the impact of your backlink profile developed by Majestic on pages, on page groups, and across your entire site to use backlinks to sculpt SEO performance.
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