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Oncrawl Rankings

The Oncrawl Data³ module for unrivalled SEO dashboards to monitor rankings, impressions and keywords.

All features included – No strings attached

What makes Oncrawl Rankings unique?

Unprecedented cross-data reports

Oncrawl Rankings is the only solution to combine rankings data with crawl data and log files at scale. We provide a unique overview of how on-site SEO indicators and Google hits influence positions and impressions.

Reporting by device and by type of keywords

Oncrawl Rankings offers views by type of device, whether mobile, desktop or tablet. We also provide you with the ability to split your reports by branded and non-branded keywords.

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Identification of ranking success

Oncrawl Rankings allows you to visualize how SERP positions are distributed per page throughout your site, and how click-through rate is affected by technical SEO elements to help you evaluate your strategy’s success.

Powerful segmentation

We are the only technical SEO platform to offer segmentations based on any dataset. Take your SEO audits one step further by mapping your URLs into strategic groups and segments, before or after you crawl.

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Oncrawl Rankings connects with leading solutions

Our clients use Oncrawl Rankings to earn top SERP spots for their pages

" Using Oncrawl has help us improve rankings and organic traffic: we were able to detect 149 534 orphan pages that accounted for 37% of all organic visits, reorganize the whole website structure, prune 60% of the content, lead the Googlebot to crawl the right pages and increase sessions by 37% and the number of transactions by 22%. "
Omi Sido Senior Technical SEO chez Canon Europe

How to use Oncrawl Rankings for strategic SEO optimisations

Audit technical SEO performance

Blend ranking data from Google with the results of your audits to uncover the optimizations that can have the most impact on your SEO.

Manage duplicate content

Use ranking data from search engines to perfect your choices of which pages to open to indexing and which to canonicalize to avoid keyword cannibalization.

Understand crawlability and indexing

Use Google’s ranking data to pinpoint the optimizations with the most effect to get pages crawled and indexed quickly and correctly.

Optimize internal linking

Work on the site structure created by on-site links in order to signal the importance of priority pages to Google and get them ranked in search results.

Oncrawl Data³ is composed of 4 independent modules

Oncrawl Analytics

Oncrawl Analytics

Validate the conclusions of a crawl-based audit through the intersection with data from real site traffic extracted from solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet or Adobe Analytics.
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Oncrawl SEO Impact

Oncrawl SEO Impact

Clearly understand the impact of your SEO policies on your website’s performance. Through metrics based on analysis drawn from multiple sources – namely log data and analytics solutions – you have the keys to increase your site’s ROI.
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Oncrawl Rankings

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Oncrawl Backlinks

Analyze the impact of your backlink profile developed by Majestic on pages, on page groups, and across your entire site to use backlinks to sculpt SEO performance.
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