SEO in Orbit: How is technical SEO shifting to the new standard?

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How is technical SEO shifting to the new standard?

Aired on: April 17th, 2019

OnCrawl’s François Goube talks with Detlef Johnson about how technical SEO has become an essential element when ranking a page in 2019. How does technical SEO give you an advantage in an evolving search landscape, and what does it promise for the future?


Detlef Johnson
Detlef Johnson is Editor at Large for Third Door Media. He writes a column for Search Engine Land entitled “SEO for Developers.” Detlef is one of the original group of pioneering webmasters who established the professional SEO field more than 20 years ago. Since then he has worked for major search engine technology providers, managed programming and marketing teams for Chicago Tribune, and consulted for numerous entities including Fortune 500 companies. Detlef has a strong understanding of Technical SEO and a passion for Web programming. As a noted technology moderator at the SMX conference series, Detlef will continue to promote SEO excellence combined with marketing-programmer features and webmaster tips.


Hosted by: François Goube
François Goube, serial entrepreneur, and Tanguy Moal, NLP expert and Data geek have founded OnCrawl with a common passion, Search and Semantics. Previously working at Exalead and Jobijoba, Tanguy has developed a deep interest about all kind of data analysis with a strong focus on artificial intelligence. François has founded several companies and is actively involved in the startup ecosystem. Passionated by semantic analysis and search engines, he loves to analyze scientific Google publications.

Webinar Summary

Presenting François Goube and Detlef Johnson – [01:25]
What is technical SEO? – [03:38]
How have search engines changed? – [04:15]
What to be excited about in technical SEO – [05:36]
   – Semantic HTML5 – [06:34]
   – – [06:12]
   – Cache/Edge SEO – [07:50]
History of technical SEO – [9:50]
Resurgence of technical SEO – [10:45]
   – Technical SEOs as marketers – [10:45]
   – Technical SEOs as full-fledged developers – [11:22]
Technical SEO today – [12:00]
   – Page Rendering – [12:20]
   – Page speed – [17:24]

Machine learning – [19:24]
   – How search engines use it – [19:45]
   – Should SEOs be using it? – [19:50]
Evolving search UI for mobile search – [23:37]
Log analysis – [27:12]
   – Difficulty with analytics data – [27:50]
   – Advantage of log file analysis – [28:41]
Tips for technical SEOs – [30:35]
Q&A – [36:07]
   – Is JavaScript the new Flash? – [36:26]
   – Edge SEO – [37:25]
   – AMP – [38:12]
   – Angular.js – [45:28]
   – Multiplexing – [42:44]

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