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As Head of Marketing, turn your website into a strategic tool for business success

Monitor and improve your website’s SEO performance using an easy decision-making platform.

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Save time by focusing on the right metrics

Consult pre-identified KPIs

As Head of Marketing, you want to know how your website’s performance evolves. Oncrawl makes tracking changes over time easier, so you can look at the impact of corrections and modifications that you have implemented.


Quickly build easy-to-understand reports for efficient reporting

Show your stakeholders the value of SEO actions thanks to clear reports and shareables charts. Oncrawl will facilitate your reporting by offering concrete results of your SEO implementations.

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Make confident SEO decisions

Your job is to pilot your company’s marketing, including SEO. See how others like you use SEO tools and take advantage of metrics that correlate easily to implementations to make better SEO decisions.


Easy control over your website’s SEO performance

Intuitive interface

No need to have extensive SEO knowledge or spend hours learning to understand the app: Oncrawl is easy to grasp and easy to use, so you can focus on actionable insights.

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Run analysis without waiting on IT to help

Using Oncrawl, you will be able to launch a crawl without any difficulty or external help. Manage your own SEO plan and find issues that might be hurting your website’s performance.

Easy decision-making with metrics that makes sense to you

With Oncrawl, you will know exactly where to start implementing changes on your website. You will gain a clear vision of all SEO issues and know which ones you should focus on.

First-class support

Get access to our user documentation and tutorials to quickly set up Oncrawl and start improving your website’s SEO. And if needed, our support team will be available for consultation, problem solving and advanced training.

How can a technical SEO platform help marketing directors?

Optimize internal links

Use on-site links to improve your visibility in search results and your marketing funnel by driving traffic and link equity to the right pages

Manage duplicate content

Use the same type of algorithms as Google to identify pages with similar or duplicate content, and ensure they’re sending the right signals to Google

What should be in your toolbox as Head of Marketing ?

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Oncrawl SEO Crawler

Program regular check-ups and track your website’s performance on all major technical SEO fronts. Easily compare two crawls to visualize the difference in key metrics.

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Oncrawl Data³

Integrate additional data to include your key indicators in crawl data, whether performance data from Analytics solutions or Google Search Console, extra information from your databases, or information on external backlinks.

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Oncrawl BI

Connect SEO and data reporting through seamless data flow to Google Data Studio, Tableau, Microsoft BI, and other BI solutions — avoiding coding and custom scripting.

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" Oncrawl is easy to use, with lots of descriptions of the data you're getting, which helps us find the data we're looking for. It's also a very quick tool!
We've learned how to do technical SEO through Oncrawl. Oncrawl has become the technical SEO validation for us. It's basically telling us if our content can do well or not.
Patricia Seidel Growth Manager at Springly

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