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The role of an IT Director in a website's SEO

Reduce cost, improve the productivity of your business and guarantee your company’s data security.

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Find a secure and effective SEO provider

Obtain performance and quality guarantees

Oncrawl offers robust performance you can rely on. With Oncrawl, you get access to a platform built on Google Cloud Services and an auto-scalable infrastructure, to ensure the right resources are always available when you need them. We’re transparent about our performance and technologies: you can check the history of the status of our app and API, or read about how we use Google technologies to ensure performance guarantees.


Shift to real-time and unlimited speed

Remove technology-based roadblocks to efficiency:

  • Track crawls and server log hits by bots in real-time
  • Benefit from dynamic dashboards and data look-up in the app interface
  • Save time and effort with appropriate export formats such as Parquet for large volumes of data
  • Adjust crawl speeds to your server’s capacity, with no upper limits

Benefit from a secure data system

Take confidentiality and legal issues seriously. Both Oncrawl’s platform and underlying technologies are GDPR and CCPA compliant.


Get exactly what you need to support SEO through IT

Full control of your data

Oncrawl is the only SEO platform to offer you vendor-agnostic data: your full, raw data is available to you at any time, no matter what you need to do with it. Working with Oncrawl means that it’s easy to pull all your processed information into your own secure system and data warehouse if you need or want to use it as part of other processes.

Pre-built and open source models with a quality guarantee

If you need to develop tools to process website data for SEO and marketing purposes, Oncrawl helps by providing pre-built, open source templates and quality machine learning models for tasks that help your SEO team and increase website’s performance.

Confidentiality and compatibility

If you have data confidentiality needs, we work with you to make sure they are met. If you process your own SEO information in-house, you’ll appreciate data formats that ensure data security and are directly compatible with BI solutions, Big Query, and more.

How can a technical SEO platform help you?

What should be in your toolbox as IT Director?

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Oncrawl Labs

Discover cutting-edge ways to apply data science to SEO using ready-made machine learning projects and adaptable models.

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Oncrawl BI

Connect SEO and data analysis through seamless data delivery to BI users, avoiding coding, custom scripting, and ungoverned access.

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Oncrawl Developer

Build custom solutions with an API created for SEO, including Big Data export formats and compatibility with cloud storage platforms.

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" We needed an SEO solution that was adaptable: in SEO there’s no ‘one strategy fits all’. And we found it with Oncrawl. We were able to define the structure of our site based on our end goals, and with the API, create the exact dashboards we needed. In a single year, we saw an increase of 70% in traffic to our site and we’ve seen similar improvements in conversions. "
Robert Dawson-Goodey Technical SEO at Carwow

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