SEO & Ecommerce:
6 Tips for Optimizing Product Pages


Ecommerce is experiencing unprecedented growth with consumers shopping online more than ever before. There’s never been a better time to use SEO to maximize ecommerce performance. Join OnCrawl and Catalyst’s new webinar to learn how as we unveil 6 expert SEO tips for improving the product pages on your ecommerce site. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your website a boost by tuning in to this free webinar!


 Wednesday, July 15th 2020
10am PDT – 1pm EDT

 Live virtual event on GoToWebinar

10am PDT – 1pm EDT: Webinar starts
In this webinar, OnCrawl’s Clément Hochedez and Catalyst‘s Brad McCourt will walk you through:
– Leveraging user generated content to maximize relevancy and performance across shoppers and search engines alike
– Optimizing crawl frequency
– Using structured data to enhance listings in search results
– Developing strong on-page content and user experience
– Utilizing and implementing strategic internal linking

10:45am PDT – 1:45pm EDT: Q&A
11:00am PDT – 2:00pm EDT: Webinar ends

Don’t miss out!


clement Hochedez-200px

Clément Hochedez
Technical SEO Lead


Brad McCourt
Organic Search Manager

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