Log files analysis for SEO

SEO log analyzer for bots monitoring. Improve your crawlability and revenues. Control how Google behaves on every part of your website.

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Monitor crawl behavior

OnCrawl shows you how Google bots crawl your website and delivers clear insights about crawler hits by bot name. We uncover your crawl frequency by pages and newly fetched pages and we organize your analysis by date to access a daily monitoring.

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Measure SEO impact

OnCrawl analyzes your visits, active and inactive pages. We help you discover which new pages generate traffic and we calculate with our Fresh Rank how many days a page crawled for the first time needs to be visited.

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Improve website sanity

OnCrawl delivers an overview of your site’s technical performances anytime bots crawl it. We give you access to a daily report of your status codes returned by pages and resources and we let you monitor and optimize crawled resources.

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Key metrics


Unique crawled pages


Bots hits


Newly crawled pages


Crawl frequency


Crawl behavior


Hits distribution


SEO visits


Active pages


Active ratio


Newly active pages


Fresh Rank


Unique crawled resources


Resources crawl frequency


Sum of bytes


Bots hits by status codes


Crawled resources

Built-in features

Ease your SEO efforts with user-friendly features

  • Import

Easily upload and transfer your access log files to our FTP client

  • Log manager tool

Monitor in real-time log files processing and upload

  • Data explorer

Create or use filters to dig further into your SEO analysis

  • Data scraping

Scrape any type of data to build custom reports

  • Exports

Download data and graphs as CSV, PNG or PDF

  • URL-level detail

Focus on a specific URL and its performance

Cross-data Reports

Power-up your SEO analysis with third-party integrations

google analytics picto

Google Analytics

Analyze where your traffic is going and how users behave on your website

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Manage backlinks activity and their impact on SEO performance

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AT Internet

Control your tagging plan and analyze organic traffic

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Google Search Console

Monitor indexation rate and influence of SEO factors on positions

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Crawlability and indexation

I need to understand how search engines are crawling and indexing my website

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Google’s crawl budget

I need to manage my Google’s crawl budget to drive it to the right pages and avoid wasting resources.

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