OnCrawl Log Analyzer

Log file analysis for bot monitoring and crawl budget optimization.

Detect site health issues with live monitoring and improve your crawl frequency.

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Monitor live crawl activity

Make monitoring easy during key moments in your site’s lifecycle, from migrations to algorithm updates. Detect exactly when changes are taken into account by Google, and understand how they affect your site.

Track bots hits and user visits

Monitor visits from search engines and users on strategic groups of pages and detect if you have switched to the mobile-first index.

Improve website’s health and technical performance

Be sure that your top priority pages are seen by Google and understand what makes a page active. Detect compromising issues in real time.

What makes OnCrawl Log Analyzer unique?

  • Unlimited data processing

The infrastructure of OnCrawl Log Analyzer lets you upload log entries every day at scale and analyze millions of search engines hits per day.

  • Fresh Rank

OnCrawl is the first and only one to calculate how long it takes to a page to be crawled for the first time by Google and how long it takes to generate its first SEO visit.

  • Powerful segmentation

OnCrawl Log Analyzer takes your SEO audits one step further by mapping your URLs into strategic groups and segments. Understand how your crawl budget is being spent through groups of pages.

  • Live log monitoring

Live log monitoring helps you anticipate changes and monitor site events hour-by-hour or even minute-by-minute.

  • Log format flexibility

We automatically process Apache, IIS, and Nginx log files but we are always working on custom parsers to support other formats.

  • Data privacy & GDPR compliance

We are committed to protecting your data: your personal IP addresses are not stored within our application, and you exchange data with us using a secure and private ftp account.

How to use OnCrawl Log Analyzer for strategic SEO optimisations


Monitor on crawlability and indexing

Understand how search engines are visiting your website and if strategic pages are correctly indexed.

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Focus on mobile-first index

Be prepared for mobile-first index and improve the mobile version of your website.

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Improve Google’s crawl budget

Understand what is influencing Google’s crawl budget and verify that it targets pages that generate revenues.

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Monitor website performance

Understand how your payload factors such as load time or page size impact page activity.

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Our customers use OnCrawl to skyrocket their SEO performance

Providing deeper and more reliable SEO audits

I have been able to find certain issues that I generally would not have found using other tools. The search engine ranking drop, after the website was redesigned, occurred around April 2017. Since doing the SEO audit of the NBRI website, using OnCrawl data, the website is now ranking for about 1,000 more keywords across the board.

Bill Hartzer

Bill Hartzer SEO Consultant

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All features included – No credit card needed