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Oncrawl Log Analyzer

Oncrawl is also an SEO log analyzer tool dedicated to tracking crawlers for search engines, technical optimization and improving crawl budget. Improve your SEO with log file analysis.


Rely on a secure & GDPR compliant infrastructure

We don’t store your visitors’ IP addresses within our application. Every log file that we collect is stored in our isolated and secure FTP space. Oncrawl is completely GDPR compliant and meets all data confidentiality norms. Your IT team is going to love us!

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Benefit from a fast and easy setup

Our tech team helps you set up and automate repeated log file transfers to your personal FTP space where we support multiple log formats such as Apache, IIS, or Nginx. You can also retrieve your logs directly from storage and processing services like Amazon S3, Splunk, Akamai, Google Cloud Platform or OVH to send them directly to Oncrawl SEO Log Analyzer.

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Access auto-scalable and real-time analyses

Our auto-scalable infrastructure adapts to your needs for storage limits and processing power. We collect and parse 1+ billion log lines every day for our clients. You can also set up Oncrawl Log Analyzer for real-time monitoring to immediately identify risks during migrations or seasonal trends.

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Get the perfect perspective with dynamic segmentation

Reveal correlations and trends by mapping your URLs into strategic groups, subgroups and custom segments based on any data points, before or after a log analysis is ready. Oncrawl makes it easy to identify when a strategic part of your site isn’t being crawled properly by search engines.

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Leverage log data to create actionable SEO insights

Log files analysis does not have to be complicated. We translate your raw log files into clear and actionable SEO reports based on 100+ data points. Monitor your crawl frequency, hits from organic visitors, hits from search engine bots (mobile, desktop, paid search, news, images and other verticals), crawled resources, active pages, and many more indicators — all available for all major search engines. Filter and export everything.

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" Oncrawl’s performances are amazing. The tool is very fast, independent of how much data you have on your account and it offers seamless crawling and log file analysis, e.g. through AWS S3 integration. The log files analysis daily helps me see where and what Google crawls - and with automated crawls, I can monitor everything, from crawl errors, status codes, pagerank distribution, etc.
Kevin Indig SEO Director at Shopify

Oncrawl Log Analyzer unleashes SEO insights based on bot and user behaviors

Prevent crawl budget waste

Get better and faster rankings by helping Google understand what’s important on your site.

Monitor Googlebot

Whether through analysis of Google, Baidu, Bing or Yandex, understand how search engines see your site to better understand crawl and index issues, predict site performance and offer the right technical elements to search engines based on behavior.