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Industry-leading SEO Log Analyzer

A reliable way to source data on SEO-related website activity within the Oncrawl platform

Track information about visits from search engine bots and people coming from search results pages

Rely on a secure & GDPR compliant infrastructure

Oncrawl provides an analysis of anonymized and Googlebot data that doesn’t store or report on PII (Personal Identifying Information). And regardless of how you provide log file data, your log lines are stored in individual and secured spaces. Oncrawl is completely GDPR compliant and meets data confidentiality norms.

See how Google is responding to your site right now

Minute-by-minute live and recent analysis tracking search engine bot presence on your website allows you to follow critical periods during migrations without stress. But if you’re not currently migrating, merging, or going live with a major website change, this is a great way to dig into website crawlability, spider-traps and crawl budget, or to pinpoint the right time for interventions.

Keep historical data to be able to review past events or past periods

Are there seasonal effects in crawl behavior or organic traffic on your website? Can’t remember how fast Google responded last time you rolled out a change to internal linking? It’s easy to check with Oncrawl: we won’t limit you to the latest data, but will keep a history for as long as you’ve been monitoring logs with Oncrawl.

Understand crawl budget distribution by examining site sections

Reveal correlations and trends by mapping your URLs into strategic groups, subgroups and custom segments based on any data points, before or after a log analysis is ready. Oncrawl makes it easy to identify when a strategic part of your site isn’t being crawled properly by search engines.

Monitor server performance

Visualize differences between what your site serves to users, Google, and to Oncrawl.

See what companies like yours are doing with Oncrawl's log analysis

Audit technical SEO performance

Build a complete technical SEO audit based on multiple sources of data and blended information to get an accurate view of the big picture – and be able to dig deeper into the data to answer tough questions.

Prevent crawl budget waste

Get better and faster rankings by helping Google understand what’s important on your site.

Understand crawlability and indexing

Remove roadblocks to ranking, organic traffic and revenues by opening Google’s blackbox.

Monitor Googlebot

Whether through analysis of Google, Baidu, Bing or Yandex, understand how search engines see your site to better understand crawl and index issues, predict site performance and offer the right technical elements to search engines based on behavior.