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Oncrawl helps your e-commerce site drive organic traffic to the right pages

Making sure your site is visible is the first, and very important, step to increasing your sales.

Ecommerce Ebook
" We analyzed over 15 different e-commerce sites and 20 million pages and used data from SEO crawl analysis and from SEO log file analysis. We discovered that a few KPIs are great predictors of success in e-commerce SEO. "

Get your PLPs to rank higher with an optimized internal linking structure

Examine the interactive flow of page importance between site sections

The Inrank flow helps you visualize the internal PageRank within your e-commerce site and understand how popular your pages are. Understand which groups of pages are driving popularity to PLPs or sub-categories of PLPs in order to better promote them to search engines.


Implement powerful real-time segmentation

Use the most powerful real-time segmentation on the market to view how product pages perform in comparison to other page templates on your website. Identify trends and issues specific to product pages and spot product page anomalies easily across hundreds of technical SEO metrics. 


Explore relationships between page depth and ranking

Is there a correlation between page depth and how well your pages are ranking? Google often thinks so! Examine the trend for product pages to confirm that the first levels of your site gain more organic attention, then ensure that the PLPs you need to see at the top of the SERPs are as close to the home page as they need to be. 

Identify the correlation between page importance (Inrank) and SEO traffic

By looking at correlations with actual SEO traffic, confirm that Inrank is a key way to know if your linking strategy is capable of promoting the right pages, and whether Google has understood the relative importance of your money pages with the highest Inrank.

Analyze the volume of inlinks per page group

Are your PLPs being promoted the way you want them to be? Use the internal analysis by page group to rethink your linking strategy and redistribute link flow to your priority PLP pages. 


Carry out a crawl-over-crawl comparison

Once you’ve identified and optimized different elements of your internal linking structure, capitalize on the crawl-over-crawl functionality to monitor the improvements made.


How else can Oncrawl help your e-commerce site?

Spot crawling and indexing issues

One client was able to accelerate their growth through content optimization. They chose to use Oncrawl to uncover technical issues and fix indexing problems.

Check for “thin content” on product pages

GroupM Turkey chose to use Oncrawl to solve the technical issues and provide content optimization for their e-commerce clients. Oncrawl helped them find a way to start over and create a solid technical SEO strategy.

Analyze page depth and manage crawl budget

With over 26,000 product references, 1001 pneus needed a reliable tool to monitor their technical SEO performance. By analyzing their logs with Oncrawl, Pierre was able to ensure that the Google crawl budget was dedicated to the right categories and pages.

Evaluate structured data to provide rich snippets in the SERPs

One way to improve ranking and performance is by optimizing your structure data repartition by priority pages. 

Spot similar pages without canonical management

Duplicate content not only hinders user experience, but can also prevent search engines from properly identifying and indexing your priority pages.