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Rise to the challenges of ecommerce SEO

Your sales depend on your website’s visibility — boost them!

Rank top products and category pages

  • Use semantically related on-site links to indicate the importance of category pages and featured products
  • Easily visualize the flow of link equity around your site
  • Associate on-site PageRank and SEO performance to confirm the pertinence of your SEO strategy

Address seasonal behavior and annual sales campaigns

  • Take seasonal behavior into account in your SEO forecasts
  • Adjust your site structure to promote annual campaigns
  • Make sure search engine bots respond to changes on your site and in your market

Manage duplicate content from faceted navigation and internal search

  • Analyze your site with and without query parameters, depending on how your site uses them
  • Easily find duplicate content from faceted that isn’t canonicalized, but should be
  • Identify pages with a high risk for keyword cannibalization due to thin or too-similar content

Scale actions across your entire product catalog

  • Depend on analysis algorithms that are suited for large product catalogs
  • Use multiple sources of data to find unindexed or missing products on your site
  • Break your site down by best-selling products, by profit margin, by whether products are in- or out-of-stock, and by other product-related criteria
  • Use machine learning to automate the creation of unique titles and meta descriptions for large product catalogs

How can a technical SEO platform help your ecommerce site?

Manage duplicate content

Use the same type of algorithms as Google to identify pages with similar or duplicate content, and ensure they’re sending the right signals to Google

What do you need to improve your e-commerce SEO?

SEO Crawler picto

Technical SEO Crawler

Program regular check-ups and check your website’s performance on all major technical SEO fronts. Easily compare two crawls to visualize the difference in key metrics.

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Technical SEO Log Analyzer

Monitor Googlebot behavior on your site, whether over time or in real time, in order to better understand how search engines see your site.

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Technical SEO API

Discover a robust, broad-reaching API for all your crawl and website performance data.

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" With Oncrawl, we can easily analyze the site structure, identify changes, evolution, weaknesses at a high level. It can really help us to prioritize action items or measure performance of changes that were made on the site. "
Michelle Levine SEO Manager at Vistaprint

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