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Oncrawl helps classified ads sites ensure priority pages are crawled and indexed quickly

Manage new and expired pages to stay at the top of the SERPs.

Omio case results
" Omio, an all encompassing travel hub, has 30 domains and 1.4 million landing pages. They needed a specific approach to monitoring and auditing their site in order to stay on top of everything.

Omio relied on Oncrawl when launching a new travel partner. Oncrawl 's log analysis doubled the efficiency of Head of SEO Jack Roberts and his team in their work to ensure search engines picked up the right signals from newly active pages at scale. "

How classified sites use Oncrawl to promote categories and facilitate crawlability

Monitor indexability on your site

Ensure your priority pages send signals to say they’re indexable by search engines. Ensure indexability for the page templates or site sections that matter to your business.

Verify that indexable pages are crawled and indexed by search engines

Shape where search engines spend the most time exploring your site in order to ensure that the indexable priority content is seen. Discover site sections that do not perform as intended.

Locate expired pages and redirects that can interfere with indexing

Identify technical SEO metrics, such as poor management of 404s and soft 404s reported to search engine bots, which can hinder indexing for pages in the site section you’re focusing on.

Redistribute crawl budget to ensure a focus on the right pages

Modify internal links and other signals to drive more search engine attention to pages in parts of the site that should be indexed and ranked. Compare before and after results to ensure that the changes you make are impactful.

How else can Oncrawl help your classified ads site?

Understand and enhance user experience

Knowing what your users are looking for and how they search for the information is essential when your site contains thousands of pages. HelloWork used Oncrawl to implement modifications that improve user experience and enhance conversion rate on pages with the greatest value.

Analyze content quality and detect similar and duplicate content

Carwow, a new car directory, was prone to structural problems and had to manage challenges with duplicate content. By using Oncrawl, they were able to identify where their site encountered these problems and prioritize their SEO actions by using cross-analysis to find the areas of greatest impact.

Verify content and attributes on pages at scale

Vroomly, a comparison site for automobile garages, had to deal with the classic problems that come with managing a site with a high volume of pages. They utilized Oncrawl’s scraping functionality in order to better segment and analyze their data. 

Manage crawl budget and crawl waste

With a high number of new pages that need to be crawled, and old pages that are no longer viable, directing Google and other search engines to the right pages that need to be indexed is a major challenge that Oncrawl’s log analysis helps resolve.

Analyze and leverage sitemaps

Search engines rely on sitemaps to ensure that they receive the right lists of new URLs to explore and index. Use Oncrawl to check regularly to make sure your sitemaps point to pages that can be viewed and indexed, and verify that your key pages appear in your sitemaps.