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Our story

Since our creation in 2013, we’ve been committed to providing the best crawling and data processing technology to anyone who needs to understand their website’s organic growth to drive their revenue strategy.

Oncrawl was founded by François Goube, SEO and serial entrepreneur, and Tanguy Moal, technical expert, as a response to crawl difficulties encountered by French e-commerce giants facing technical SEO roadblocks.

Realizing that their solution was both scalable and significantly less expensive than market alternatives at the time, François and Tanguy set out to change how the industry handles website data collection for the purpose of organic growth optimization.

François Goube, co-founder & CEO

Tanguy Moal, co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

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Oncrawl quickly collected international awards in the search industry for its quality and for its innovation, winning Best SEO Tool and Best SEO Software Suite for multiple consecutive years in Europe, the United States, the UK, Canada, and the MENA award ceremonies.

Oncrawl was the first solution to include metrics that are now considered industry-standard.

Semantic analysis

Duplicate content detection with SimHash

PageRank analysis (InRank)

Live log analysis

Machine learning in SEO workflows

Acquired in 2022 by BrightEdge, Oncrawl operates independently as an SEO data provider, with over 50 team members, composed of senior developers and engineers in fields like data science, BigData, machine learning, and information architecture; senior SEOs; and professionals passionate about technological excellence.