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Get every article listed in search engines as soon as it's published

New, trending or archived, your content’s visibility is key to your success as an online publisher.

Understand your content's SEO lifecycle

  • Track Googlebot through server logs to understand when new articles are first discovered
  • View your pages by publication date to spot issues due to page depth, linking, or even page speed that can reduce the useful lifespan of your content
  • Monitor changes in SERP position and organic traffic as content ages

Spot and address duplicate content

  • Easily find duplicate tags across your site
  • Spot duplicate content and make sure appropriate measures are in place to signal the authoritative version
  • Discover thin articles that may appear too similar to search engines

Promote related articles to reinforce semantic understanding

  • Track internal linking between subject types to reinforce search engine’s ability to understand related content
  • Use site structure to promote trending subjects or long-form content
  • Monitor the correct use of Schema.org entity markup to reinforce search engine understanding

Ensure that content can be found and read by search engines' indexing bots

  • Identify indexable and non-indexable articles
  • Discover orphaned articles
  • Build automated processes to identify and request indexing for new content

How can a technical SEO platform help your online publication?

Monitor Googlebot

To better understand crawl and index issues, predict site performance, offer the right technical elements to Google based on behavior

What do you need to improve your SEO as an online publisher?

SEO Crawler picto

Technial SEO Crawler

Program regular check-ups and check your website’s performance on all major technical SEO fronts. Easily compare two crawls to visualize the difference in key metrics.

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Technical SEO Log Analyzer

Ensure that your SEO log analysis is compliant with GDPR and CCPA requirements. With secure storage and transfer, data protection issues won’t get in the way of understanding search engine bots on your site.

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" We choose to invest in Oncrawl because we wanted to get ahead of some of the issues that could disrupt Google's ability to crawl our site efficiently. As a large publication, we need to ensure that Google can crawl, render, and index our content just as quickly as we publish.
Dayne Richards SEO Analyst at Forbes

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