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Oncrawl helps media websites get every article on Google

New, trending or archived, your content’s technical SEO is key to its visibility on search engines.

" Future, an international publishing and media group that is the parent entity to over 200 brands, tested the removal of AMP pages before generalizing the change across millions of URLs.

Thanks to Oncrawl, they successfully redistributed the massive crawl budget from old AMP pages to more critical parts of their websites, and maintained over 97% stability in organic performance during the change. "

How media sites gain additional visibility through archive analysis with Oncrawl

Custom data points through scraping

Collect data regarding which pages are archives or archivable based on publication or modification date. Ensure that your analyses contain all of the pertinent information by including any additional information available on your URLs, including:

  • Publication date
  • Pagination information
  • Presence of journalist credentials or bio
  • Number of comments or reactions
  • Presence of Article schema markup

Powerful segmentation

Segment your website based on date or archival status in order to examine any technical SEO metric or performance metric through an archive-oriented lens. Reveal concrete differences in how older pages perform, both organically and in terms of their technical characteristics. Determine how “old” is “too old” by exploring page age when traffic and performance begin to decline.

Crawlability analysis for archives

Look at indexing and accessibility to Google’s bots (crawlability) by site section to compare current articles to archive pages. Understand whether your archives are viewable, viewed, or hidden from search engines.

Page depth and page importance metrics

Understand archive performance by exploring correlations between technical metrics about archive structure, such as page depth, and search indicators like rank and indexing rates.

SEO traffic analysis per site section

Compare sections of your site based on their average number of visitors or the percentage of pages driving organic traffic, in order to drive insights regarding the value of maintaining search-friendly archives over time.

How else do SEOs use Oncrawl for media sites?

Improve site structure and internal link equity

Use site structure to promote the right pages and site sections in order to boost organic visibility and improve how your pages rank.

Understand journalist influence on SEO

Spot missing or thin profiles, track Schema on author pages, and establish whether top authors are also the authors whose contributions bring in the most organic traffic.

Simulate site crawlability with a paywall

See your website the way Google does through a complete crawl.

Monitor crawl frequency on new articles and category pages

Use log analysis to understand where and when Google is aware of new publications on your site.

Audit Core Web Vitals and JavaScript usage

Understand the role page experience, page speed, and JavaScript play in how your publication’s pages are rendered and explored.