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Award-winning Technical SEO Crawler

A core source of website data in the Oncrawl platform

Collect extensive information on and about each URL

Monitor your website

Schedule crawls that automatically alert you when things don’t look as expected. Track complex metrics on specific parts of your website.

Crawl the way you want

  • Flexible crawler settings mean there’s exactly the right setup for your website, whether you create links with JavaScript, access a development and staging websites, or manage complex parameter schemes
  • Define the extent of a crawl: massive websites, lists of URLs, or only specific sections of sites…
  • Set up multiple crawl profiles for different crawl needs.
  • Build a crawl strategy that suits your projects.

Extract any on-page information

Use scraping to extract information from your website and include it in the data analyzed in Oncrawl. Identify specific sections of your site, word count in a specific zone on the page, dates, authors, prices, review count, presence of certain meta elements — the possibilities are endless.

Automate crawls and integrate SEO data

Use Oncrawl in the ways that fit most with your workflow and avoid unnecessary manual actions.

  • Pilot everything with an API
  • Schedule regular analyses
  • Automate exports directly to Looker Studio
  • Receive pertinent, custom notifications
  • Compare two versions of a website with Crawl over Crawl comparison

Crawl websites your current crawler can't

Benefit from the best crawling technology. We’ve stepped in where other crawlers couldn’t thanks to speed, scalability, and the algorithms that work behind the scenes to calculate, store, and display analyses.

See how websites like yours are using Oncrawl

Demonstrate the ROI of SEO

By viewing before-and-after comparisons on key technical SEO metrics, show the ROI created by successful technical SEO projects.

Run a website sanity check

Make sure there are no major technical problems on a website by scheduling a regular technical SEO check-up and be alerted when any of the elements you want to monitor don’t meet your standards.

Manage a picture-perfect migration

Ensure that the website redesigns, acquisitions, and other major changes roll out smoothly and don’t affect your website’s SEO.

Analyze internal links

Build the ideal site structure thanks to a detailed understanding of page importance, internal linking strategy, PageRank, and more.

Audit technical SEO performance

Build a complete technical SEO audit based on multiple sources of data and blended information to get an accurate view of the big picture – and be able to dig deeper into the data to answer tough questions.