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SEO Crawler

The Oncrawl SEO crawler is a powerful tool that allows you to track and analyze the indexing of your site’s pages by search engines.


Get access to all your strategic data in one place

Integrate to your SEO web crawl report any type of data. Scrape data with our SEO crawler to explore the associations with information like publishing dates, product pricing and AMP implementation. Or use ingest CSV files from your CRM, analytics, monitoring solution or any other data that matters for your business objectives.

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Control how your website is crawled

Set up your SEO crawler with complete customization. Oncrawl handles any advanced requirements, from lists of URLs, JS crawling, virtual robots.txt, DNS override, staging websites, subdomains, crawl speed, crawl scheduling and more.

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Analyze all your SEO assets over time

Get a clear picture of how search engines SEO crawler handle all versions of your website over time. Save all your crawls in one place without storage restriction and monitor hundreds of indicators related to content quality, duplication, architecture, indexability, performance, HTML quality and more.

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Get the perfect perspective with dynamic segmentation

Reveal correlations and trends by mapping your URLs into strategic groups, subgroups and custom segments based on any data points, before or after a web crawl is ready. Identify SEO trends and prioritize your SEO corrections to optimize your Google crawl.

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Control your data flow & permissions

We don’t truncate your data so that you can explore, filter and segment anything. Export your data without limit or connect additional data sources using our native connectors for seamless SEO analysis. Share projects with a read-only mode or give full permissions to let collaborators play with your data.

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" As a team lead focusing on the growth of our multinational platforms, regular reporting/monitoring and automated risk management of Product changes’ effect on our organic search performance is very significant and challenging. Oncrawl as a SEO crawler is becoming an essential part of my team day by day with its capability and accuracy. "
Murat Yatağan VP Growth at Brainly

Oncrawl SEO Crawler helps you open Google’s blackbox

Businesses and users who want to improve their visibility in Google’s search results need to focus on several factors. Rather than trying to influence or circumvent Google’s algorithms with black hat tricks, Oncrawl’s SEO crawler gives you the opportunity to open up part of Googlebot’s black box.

Demonstrate the ROI of SEO

Clearly demonstrate the results of SEO projects and their impact on business goals

Run a website sanity check

Make sure there are no major technical problems on a website by running a fast and easy technical SEO check-up

Manage duplicate content

Use the same type of algorithms as Google to identify pages with similar or duplicate content, and ensure they’re sending the right signals to Google

Analyze internal links

Build the ideal site structure thanks to a detailed understanding of page importance, internal linking strategy, PageRank, and more