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How Zurich ensures consistent website quality

Maintaining consistent website quality and optimizing user experience Log file analysis and crawl over crawl in day-to-day SEO The Search Marketing team at Zurich Insurance UK manages 10 different websites split across two different platforms that are constantly undergoing site migrations. The team needed a way to monitor the...
Case studies
0 min reading time
September 13, 2022
By Daniel Hall
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[Ebook] Crawling & Log Files: Use cases & experience based tips

An in-depth look at the importance of analyzing log files and crawl behavior
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Real-life SEO at Sika

In continuing with our Real-life SEO series, we spoke with Marco Giordano, a Search...
SEO Thoughts
14 min reading time
November 8, 2022
By Danielle Escaro

Crawling & Log Files

Crawling & Log Files: Use cases & experience based tips An in-depth look at...
0 min reading time
November 2, 2022
By Andor Palau