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Oncrawl Star Author Program

Contribute to the Oncrawl blog and gain exposure as a technical SEO or data science writer.

Become an Oncrawl Star Author

The Oncrawl Star Author Program is designed for contributors who write about technical SEO and data science and want to regularly publish articles on our blog. As an Oncrawl Star Author, you commit to a long-term relationship with our editorial team, gain exposure and other perks.

To be eligible for our Star Author Program, you must:

  • Be known by our team: have already written 1 article approved by the Oncrawl editorial team
  • Be “tech” or “data”: commit to writing articles only about technical SEO or data science
  • Be reliable: send at least one article per quarter
  • Be considerate: respect our quality standards

Oncrawl Editorial Guidelines

As technical SEO and data are in our DNA, we only publish articles on these topics. Why? We believe technical SEO and data science articles are the most useful for our readers.
Please note that we will not publish any article that is not unique, that does not cover a technical subject, or that does not respect the editorial guidelines below.

→Download the Oncrawl Editorial Guidelines

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