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Analyze your website like Google does and improve your SEO all naturally. Detect errors in HTML and content, compromising HTTP status codes, broken links and many other factors that influence your rankings in search engines.


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Control your HTML Quality Basics for SEO

Does your code meet the common search engine requirements? OnCrawl gives you an overview of your metas and tags and hints for improvements.

Check your titles, descriptions and headings for length, occurrence and duplications.


Track how your loading time and page weight influence your SEO

For any page or group of pages, Oncrawl gives you an accurate view of your website’s weight as well as its loading time. Such metrics are getting more and more impact on your rankings and user-behaviours.

If you are focused on bringing the best user experience for your users and for search engines, these metrics will ease your day.

Improve your internal linking structure with our InRank

Stop guessing while optimizing your menu, or your suggested pages… Start ranking. Oncrawl computes a score called the InRank for any crawled web page. It evaluates the authority of a page regarding its number of inlinks, the depth of all the inlinks, and various other factors. It helps you understand how popular is a web page within your website.
Track your internal linking with accuracy.

You can also use our SEO Crawler on your Staging/Preprod environments to validate how your optimizations are performing before pushing them into production.


Run a semantic analysis of your content and track Near Duplicates

Is your website content unique? OnCrawl detects duplicate and near duplicate text passages in meta information and main content of your website.

With over 10 years working on NLP and Semantic detectors (LSA, Knowledge Graph…), we are giving you state-of-the-art algorithms to detect similarity between pages and spot near duplicated clusters. With two labs involved in our Research department, we provide up-to-date methods and metrics used by major search engines to rank your content.
Are you sure your content is unique? Find and deal with pages that appear similar to search engines. Understand where you need to focus your copywriting efforts.

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9.90 / mo.
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or €14.90 month-to-month
  • Up to 10k URLs per month
  • 5 websites
  • Unlimited crawls
  • No concurrent crawls
  • Full report and data export
  • No custom reports
19 / mo.
billed annually

or €24.90 month-to-month
  • Up to 100k URLs per month
  • 10 websites
  • Unlimited crawls
  • 5 concurrent crawls
  • Full report and data export
  • 5 custom reports per project and exports
99 / mo.
billed annually

or €129 month-to-month
  • Up to 500k URLs per month
  • 50 websites
  • Unlimited crawls
  • 10 concurrent crawls
  • Full report and data export
  • 15 custom reports per project and exports
199 / mo.
billed annually

or €249 month-to-month
  • Up to 2m URLs per month
  • 100 websites
  • Unlimited crawls
  • 50 concurrent crawls
  • Full report and data export
  • 25 custom reports per project and exports
Infinite & beyond

We can adapt our crawler to grab any type of data from your website.

We also offer a free plan for you to try our SEO crawler.
You will be able to run only 1 crawl up to 100k URLs / Full access to our dataviz reports but limited access to data exploration.
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