Crawl & Logs SEO Analysis

Combine your Crawl and Logs data. Access crossed analysis and track your pages crawled by page depth, your crawl frequency, your orphan pages, etc. Don’t miss anything and increase your rankings.

combined crawl and log data


Combined your crawl and logs data and access deeper SEO insights. See your site like Google does – no matter how large your site is.


Track your active, inactive and orphan pages by group of pages, your crawl frequency, SEO visits, and any other factors that influence your rankings.


Boost your website SEO performance, your rankings and your traffic according to the latest search engine guidelines – all naturally.

Bridge your crawl and logs data…


And access a 360° SEO view

Spot crawled pages, active and inactive pages, SEO visits and orphan pages’ ratio by page groups.

Go further than a simple crawl and access a clear overview of your page structure and a proportion of each type of pages.

Know your crawl ratio, orphan pages and the impact of SEO visits. Measure the gap between what OnCrawl has found and what Google is really crawling, monitor your crawl frequency.

Quickly detect which group of pages gathers the more visits, the impact of crawl frequency on SEO visits.

Crawl and logs with oncrawl
OnCrawl SEO tools

Understand how your depth, inrank and internal linking impact Google’s crawl by groups of pages

Understand your website structure better and get points of improvements.

Know how page groups in the structure are distributed by page depth, the average inrank of each page groups in the structure according to their depth.

Quickly monitor the impact of depth on the number of pages crawled by Google.

See how your crawl frequency, active and inactive pages by depth are behaving.

Check how your meta and content quality impact Google’s crawl by groups of pages

Easily check your main tags by group of pages and know which ones are unique, duplicated or not set. See how your main tags evaluation is impacting the number of pages and the number of times Google is crawling your website.

Spot pages with duplicate content by group and understand how Google crawls them and at which frequency regarding their ratio of duplication.

Analyze how your word count distribution impacts the number of pages in the structure crawled by Google and your crawl frequency.

Crawl and logs analysis
Crossed-analysis oncrawl

Monitor your weight and load time and see how it impacts Google’s crawl by groups of pages

Track your load time and weight distribution performance by group. See how your load time influences the ratio of pages crawled and the crawl frequency.

Compare status codes by page groups between what OnCrawl and Google returned. Check Google hits distributed by status code and their frequency and pages with changing status.