What’s inside?

Alexander Rus, CEO at Evergreen Media, a search engine marketing company from Innsbruck, Austria, daily uses OnCrawl for auditing his clients’ websites. How does he use OnCrawl? Which SEO issues is he facing with his clients? How does OnCrawl have helped him?

“As the OnCrawl backend is very clear and shows progress, it saves us a lot of time. We have a few custom filters called quickfilters on OnCrawl that help us find issues that otherwise would slip through the cracks” shares Alexander.

In a few weeks, using OnCrawl has helped Alexander get SEO quick wins regarding:

  • Google Featured Snippets;
  • Snippets optimization with the help of Search Console data;
  • Rankings improvements for converting pages;
  • 404 errors fixing.

This case study focuses on how OnCrawl can ease any SEO agency’s workflow when it comes to SEO audits.

Key insights

  • About Evergreen Media
  • How to manage multiple site audits?
  • Discover less than optimal SERP-snippets to increase CTR and improve rankings
  • Find recurring text fragments
  • Monitor on-page optimization progress
  • Monitor internal link love spreading of main landing page
  • Understand why Google like certain parts of the site more than others and what can we do about that
  • Results

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