Handling multiple site audits

October 5, 2017 - 0  min reading time - by Alexander Rus
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Many clients, one effective SEO audit tool

Auditing different sites

An agency such as Evergreen Media must be able to perform regular and effective SEO audits for its various clients. The goal is to be as responsive as possible.

For each client, we need to get quick SEO gains, whether it’s on Google Featured Snippets, improved rankings for pages that convert, or 404 error repair.

OnCrawl has uncovered typical SEO mistakes that have a significant positive impact on rankings if corrected quickly.

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    " As the Oncrawl backend is very clear and shows progress, it saves us a lot of time. We have a few custom filters called quickfilters on Oncrawl that help us find issues that otherwise would slip through the cracks. "
    Alexander Rus CEO @Evergreen Media

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