Evolving SEO needs: from start-up to unicorn

March 25, 2021 - 0  min reading time - by Padraig O'Connor
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1 month payback for SEO
15x more efficient
1M+ monthly visitors

Stimulate your company’s growth through SEO

A content strategy and solid foundations in technical SEO

When Padraig first arrived at Wealthsimple, there was very little in place in the way of an SEO strategy and the company had a lot of technical debt related to SEO.

Fixing the company’s technical SEO shortcomings was the first step in allowing Padraig to demonstrate that resolving these issues could have a rapid effect on the website’s ability to draw traffic and acquire customers.

Today, Wealthsimple’s SEO brings in more traffic than any other channel—and at a lower cost per customer acquired.

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    Padraig O'Connor
    " Three years ago when we got Oncrawl, SEO at Wealthsimple was not a channel. We had so many technical issues to solve, we really needed to get the basics in place before doing anything. SEO is now a massive channel: we went from essentially 0 to 1M+ million monthly visitors to our SEO hub in less than three years, while gaining customers. "
    Padraig O'Connor Senior Marketing Manager @Wealthsimple

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