Monitoring and optimization of a website redesign following a penalty

September 4, 2019 - 0  min reading time - by Alex Rodriguez Ruibal
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+41% increase in conversions
+250% increase in ecommerce revenue
6x increase in visibility

How to handle a site redesign following a penalty

Get concrete SEO results

Have you experienced a drop in traffic and visibility following a Google algorithm update? Opirata found themselves in this situation.

Using Oncrawl’s crawler and log analyzer, Alex was able to understand the old site’s pitfalls, to validate SEO hypotheses, and to track progress as Google took the changes into account.

Gaining more visibility during a large-scale redesign is essential if you’re facing drops in traffic and need both optimized site sections and quick results.

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    " Data aren’t perfectly straightforward; we can’t say that if it goes up it’s good and if it goes down, it’s bad. Using multiple sources aligned with business is what will give you a global view of which actions are working and which can be carried out to maintain growth. In our case, without Oncrawl, we wouldn’t have the data on which to base the decisions we made with regard to the more complex technical changes. "
    Álex Rodríguez Ruibal SEO & Digital Marketing Manager @Opirata

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