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Backlinks data and Technical SEO

Combine your backlink data and crawl data to understand how the distribution of backlinks on your site influences your SEO performance.

Examine the influence of technical SEO elements on the value of your website's backlinks

Measure the performance and quality of your backlinks

Understand how backlinks influence your website’s SEO performance. Focus on metrics like Trust Flow or number of follow backlinks and access key information to improve your rankings and positions.

Analyze the impact of backlinks on SEO visits

Uncover the correlation between the number of backlinks on a page and the number of SEO visits from organic results. Understand where your traffic is coming from and its impact on your performance.

Explore whether backlinks earn more attention from Google

Evaluate the correlation between the number of backlinks in a group of pages and the number of times Google visits that group. Understand whether backlinks can influence crawl frequency on your site, and determine how to leverage backlinks in your SEO strategy.

Native connectors in Oncrawl for backlinks data


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