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Query and ranking data and Technical SEO

Combine your Google Search Console data and crawl data in Oncrawl to understand how your technical and on-page SEO metrics influence organic search on your website.

Evaluate Search performance using ranking and query information

Ranking Performance: Explore how your site ranks for organic queries

Get a clear overview of your website’s query distribution and ranking trends over time through a new look at impressions, clicks and click-through rate.

  • Unlimited queries
  • Custom query groups
  • Unlimited Search Console data history

Ranking Performance: Track historical GSC data

Build a history of GSC data beyond the 16 months available in Google Search Console in order to be able to understand how present performance relates to past search performance, and how seasonal events impact rankings.

Ranking Performance: Build query groups to manage an unlimited number of search queries

Monitor as many queries as your site can rank for, without extra cost. Group these queries using lists or rules to manage very large lists of queries. Gain an understanding of how performance varies between branded and unbranded queries, by search intent, by theme, or by campaign.

Ranking Performance & Ranking Report: Determine which pages appear in organic SERPs

Track pages on your site that appear in organic search results, find ranking orphan pages, and focus on segmented groups of pages to see tendencies by page type. Draw connections between indexability, on-site linking, and ranking.

Ranking Report: Understand positive and negative factors influencing positions and impressions

Understand the influence of technical SEO ranking factors on your positions, impressions and CTR. Identify the common characteristics of pages that rank and those which don’t, and identify opportunities to improve CTR through titles and meta descriptions.

Ranking Report: Understand whether crawl budget influences your rankings

Combine data from a website crawl, from log files and from the Search Console to inspect relationships between crawl by Googlebot, indexing, and ranking. Find pages Google hasn’t found helpful or which don’t address the right search intent by looking at pages that are known to Google but not shown to searchers.

Native connectors in Oncrawl for query and ranking data

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free web service by Google for webmasters and SEOs. It allows SEOs to monitor indexing status and optimize organic visibility of their websites on the search engine. From submitting a sitemap, checking security issues or monitoring Googlebot crawl rate, Google Search Console has become a staple in any SEO’s toolbox.

Oncrawl integrates Google Search Console date in Ranking Performance and the Ranking Report.