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Why You Need Technical SEO to Build a Great Online Strategy

Oncrawl x BrightonSEO: What to expect for this edition?

🇺🇸 Conference April 20, 2023 - 9:00 GMT+2

Oncrawl is delighted to be part of the Spring 2023 edition of BrightonSEO! You can meet us in Brighton on April 20th & 21st! This year, we have a few great surprises for you including an exclusive talk by Rebecca Berbel, the ever-so-famous Oncrawl Karaoke Party or The Extra Mile for SEO !

The Oncrawl conference

By looking at concrete examples of how real people address real issues through technical SEO today, Rebecca will show that SEOs from key industries and diverse companies have built technical SEO into their strategy — and why they’ve done it.

The Oncrawl Party

Join us on stage on Thursday,  April 20 for the ultimate karaoke backed by a live band! You’ll get to mingle and sing with BrightonSEO attendees – a major plus: the party is free and the first drink is on us!

Bonus: The Extra Mile for SEO

The Extra Mile for SEO is an initiative led by Rebecca Berbel! She initiated the project at the Spring 22 edition of Brighton SEO. She (& friends like Julien Deneuville, SEO Consultant at Databulle & Oncrawl Ambassador) cycled from France to Brighton, UK to attend the famous search conference.

To spice this edition up, Rebecca will cycle on her own from Bordeaux, France where Oncrawl is based, in order to reach Beauvais & meet up with Julien. Rebecca chose a not-quite-straight track of almost 1000km!!!

Join the fun and share your own Extra Mile on April 18th with the hashtag #ExtraMileForSEO (or just follow ours via @ExtraMileForSEO on Twitter)!


Rebecca Berbel

Product Marketing Manager @Oncrawl