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How to measure & control the impact of a paywall on SEO with Poool & Oncrawl


🇺🇸 Webinar December 7, 2023 - 11:00 GMT+2

We’re joining forces with Poool on an exclusive webinar about the influence of the use of a paywall on technical SEO! Register through the form below to save your seat for December 7 at 11 am.



As a publisher, you’ve probably considered (or already are) using a paywall or registration wall to convert anonymous readers into members, and subscribers. But many question whether blocking content will negatively impact audience acquisition strategies through SEO…

Our goal is to provide clarity, share best practices and use cases to ensure you successfully acquire members and subscribers without hurting your SEO!

About the organizers

Oncrawl  is the industry-leading Technical SEO Data Platform. We collect and analyze technical SEO data for large or complex websites, in order to support your competitive digital strategy and ensure website and brand visibility on search engines.

Poool provides digital publishers with the tools, expertise and inspiration needed to succeed in their membership and subscription strategies. We created The Membership & Subscription Suite, built for growing consumer revenue through targeted conversion strategies, rapid testing and continuous optimization.

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Jérôme Salomon

Senior Technical SEO @Oncrawl

Anthony Ribeiro

Customer Product Lead @Poool