OnCrawl Data³

Expand your analysis with seamless connections to additional datasets.

Analyze your SEO strategy based on data on backlinks, SEO traffic, rankings, and custom datasets from your CRM, monitoring solution, or any other source.

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Understand the impact of SEO factors

Clearly understand the impact of your SEO policies on your website’s performance. Through metrics based on analysis drawn from multiple sources – namely log data and analytics solutions – you have the keys to increase your site’s ROI.

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Track search rankings

Keep track of the keywords for which you rank and how they are influenced by crawl budget and on-page SEO. Understand the impact of SEO factors on impressions and positions.

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Analyze SEO traffic

Validate the conclusions of a crawl-based audit through the intersection with data from real site traffic extracted from solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet or Adobe Analytics.

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Monitor backlinks

Analyze the impact of your backlink profile developed by Majestic on pages, on page groups, and across your entire site to use backlinks to sculpt SEO performance.

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What makes OnCrawl Data³ unique?

  • A growing number of connections

OnCrawl regularly offers new native connections to third party datasets to provide the perfect in-depth analysis. You choose your SEO and monitoring tools based on your KPIs, your budget, and your needs.

  • Unprecedented cross-analysis

OnCrawl’s cross-analysis helps you draw fresh conclusions from blended data. Go beyond basic dashboards that repeat the same data you have in other tools.

  • Unlimited data that never expires

Your data never expires in OnCrawl, and there’s no limit to how much data you can collect through Data³. If you track changes over longer periods, even data from third-party sources will remain available in OnCrawl for as long as you need it.

  • Secure native connectors

The Data³ connectors are safe and secure, using the latest standard protocols and official APIs to connect to your external data. OnCrawl goes the extra distance to protect your data in transfer.

How to use OnCrawl Data³ for strategic SEO optimisations


Track user behaviors

Analyze how user behavior influences crawl ratio, positions and impressions.

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Detect orphan pages

Identify pages that are not linked to your structure to optimize internal popularity.

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Monitor crawlability and indexing

Understand how search engines interact with your website and if strategic pages are correctly indexed.

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Improve architecture

Get an accurate view of your internal linking and how popularity spreads throughout your site.

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Our customers use OnCrawl to skyrocket their SEO performance

Delivering quality data management at scale

We love the progress the tool has made and is still making. Just today I sent in a feature request and it will be in the next release. Amazing! We really enjoy using the Data Explorer in combination with the Quick Filters. It allows us to dig deep due to an amazing set of possible filter attributes.

Alexander Rus

Alexander Rus CEO at Evergreen Media

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