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Your superior data platform. Your custom analysis. Your personalized views.

Manage and process any dataset and customize your analyses to build unparalleled SEO reports based on Big Data intelligence.

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Create your own dashboards

Select the data, segmentations and views you need to create your very own custom dashboards and build strategic SEO reports. Use the KPIs you need to prove the value of your optimisations.

Get the perfect perspective with dynamic segmentation

Reveal correlations and trends by mapping your URLs into strategic groups, subgroups and custom segments before or after a crawl is ready. View charts and zoom in on data by page priority, product price, sales margin, publication date, SERP position, target location, language, CTR, or any other KPI you can imagine.

Make your data speak

We don’t truncate your data. You can explore and export everything: Our Data Explorer lets you easily create filters, add columns to narrow your analysis. Forget about crunching CSVs and running weird «VLOOKUP()» functions to manipulate data.

What makes OnCrawl Platform unique?

  • Unparalleled compatibility

The OnCrawl Platform is fine-tuned to your SEO strategy and your website’s profile, drawing from real data, whether it’s data exported from the latest technical tool or data you collect by hand.

  • Easy to set up, easy to scale

The OnCrawl Platform scales to the size of your site with one easy import that supports millions of lines of data.

  • Unprecedented cross-analysis

The OnCrawl Platform uses indexing and search technology that allows you to blend datasets and make connections between distant data points, or to find the trends in a constellation of complex values.

  • Powerful search and filtering

OnCrawl provides unmatched filtering options through our Data Explorer to customize, narrow down and export your data without volume restriction.

  • Deep dives into the details

In OnCrawl, the slightest detail for each URL is collected and made available on a single URL report.

  • Project sharing

All of OnCrawl’s projects can be quickly and securely shared with collaborators, clients, or decision-makers. What’s more, OnCrawl lets you download every dashboard, report, and chart.

Our customers use OnCrawl to skyrocket their SEO performance

Delivering quality data management at scale

When I started working with OnCrawl, they invested time for me to onboard the product. That helped me discover a couple features, like using custom segmentation, scraping data, and of course creating custom dashboards. These three steps, if you combine them all, are extremely powerful. What you can do is you can play around with your log files, plus your search analytics, and crawl metrics as well. This allows you to make an analysis between, for example, the length of time between the first crawl, first indexation time, and the time you get the first click. If you can optimize the distance between them, you can see 10x of growth for your website. You can’t accomplish this much growth through standard strategies like content creation: it’s not scalable.

Murat Yatağan

Murat Yatağan VP Growth at Brainly

Want to go beyond our application’s core capabilities and work on innovative projects?

Made for technical SEO and data science experts, OnCrawl Labs provides a portfolio of algorithms to address strategic SEO issues and work on R&D projects. OnCrawl Labs relies on Google Colab, Python and R languages to offer features not yet available on the SEO market.

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All features included – No credit card needed