OnCrawl Rankings

Unrivalled dashboards to monitor ranking.

Understand how your site is found on search engines and how on-site SEO indicators and bots hits influence your positions.

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See how your site ranks in organic results

Analyze your site’s keyword distribution, impressions, clicks and CTR over time for all devices and for branded or non-branded keywords. Monitor your indexing state and track your average CTR regarding groups of pages.

Analyze the impact of on-site SEO on positions and impressions

Identify the common characteristics of pages that rank and those that don’t regarding a broad range of SEO ranking factors and their impact on positions, impressions, and CTR.

Improve crawl budget on ranked pages

Draw data from your content, log files, and search console to understand the relationship between your crawl budget and the positions of your ranked pages. Detect and monitor KPIs for crawl budget on ranked pages.

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What makes OnCrawl Rankings unique?

  • Reporting by device and by type of keywords

OnCrawl Rankings offers views by type of device, whether mobile, desktop or tablet. We also provide you with the ability to split your reports by branded and non-branded keywords.

  • Identification of ranking drops

OnCrawl Rankings tracks trends over time, lets you know how Google behaves on your pages and helps you identify opportunities.

  • Unprecedented cross-data reports

OnCrawl Rankings is the only solution to combine rankings data with crawl data and log files at scale. We provide a unique overview of how on-site SEO indicators and Google hits influence positions and impressions.

  • Powerful segmentation

We are the only technical SEO platform to offer segmentations based on any dataset. Take your SEO audits one step further by mapping your URLs into strategic groups and segments.

How to use OnCrawl Rankings for strategic SEO optimisations


Monitor crawl budget and indexing

Understand how search engines index your website and drive Google’s crawl budget to strategic pages.

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Optimize internal linking

Understand the impact of internal linking and popularity flow on indexing and impressions.

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Focus on content quality

Run a data-driven audit to monitor your content efforts and detect duplicates.

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Track user behaviors

Analyze how user behavior influences crawl ratio, positions and impressions.

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Our customers use OnCrawl to skyrocket their SEO performance

Securing better SEO keyword performance

Specifically with the NBRI SEO audit, I was able to find certain issues that I generally would not have found using other tools. The website is now ranking for about 1,000 more keywords across the board. In the top 3 search results, NBRI now has secured 193 keywords, up from 162 keywords.

Bill Hartzer

Bill Hartzer SEO Consultant

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All features included – No credit card needed