Dataïku x Oncrawl: When data science meets search marketing

August 3, 2020 - 2  min reading time - by Julie Quintard
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Montreal, 2020, July 28th – Dataïku just released an Oncrawl plugin, fruit of collaboration between their teams, which is the first ever technical SEO plugin integrated into a major data science and machine learning platform, making SEO data available for strategic decision-making.

Connecting technical SEO and machine learning

Machine learning is a form of AI that uses a set of data to “train” a computer to improve its recognition of trends in order to predict future data points or to categorize new input data. It has been used by Google for several years now to deliver a better user experience. 

Machine learning, like technical SEO, is essential to strategic decision-making in forward-looking companies today. Due to the complexity of today’s markets, the growing opacity of search engine ranking algorithms, and the sheer volume of data available affecting SEO, the ability to easily manipulate and analyze data now makes the difference between SEO as a marketing tool, and SEO as executive-level product strategy.


“I have no doubt that data science will become a strong asset for every digital marketer, especially SEO specialists. This technology makes reliable decisions based on actual data possible, bringing a real competitive advantage to all companies that use it.”

Vincent Terrasi, Product Director @Oncrawl


Automation and more reliable predictive analytics

The Oncrawl Dataiku plugin gives access to SEO data in Dataiku, where it is ready for use in data science and machine learning projects. This partnership will allow SEO experts to access more reliable data prediction and to automate a part of their work, saving them a lot of time and resources and helping them get the support they need from their C-suite. Here are some examples of usage:

  • Identification of new or unindexed content for real-time indexing requests
  • SEO text generation
  • Anomaly reporting based on trends in crawl results
  • Prediction of future long tail trends

Enriched data science tools for a superior SEO

From a technical standpoint, platform-based data science allows SEOs to benefit from:

  • Superior data performances
  • Improved data security, through an assurance of no data loss
  • Advanced alerting capabilities

For companies that already use Dataiku or other data science platforms, the Oncrawl Dataiku plugin makes it possible to include website and SEO data in broader analyses. These can be also used at an executive-level when building marketing and product strategy, when conducting market analysis, or in creating reliable forecasts.


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