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April 26, 2015 - 1  min reading time - by François Goube
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Since we demoed Oncrawl at SEOcamp, you’ve been a lot to ask for a free version of the product besides our Free Trials. As we are about to have our 2nd birthday at Cogniteev (the R&D team behind Oncrawl) we thought it could be the right time to do so.

So what will you get with your free plan?

Easy: 100k Urls to crawl, 1 project, 1 report, all features available!

Your data will be available for 30 days. After that you will still be able to access our dataviz, but you won’t be able to download your data.

What can I do with my Free Plan?

IMHO, the best thing to do is to launch a crawl for your website so that you will quickly get insights about:

  • Your website performance (Load Time, Weight…)
  • Your Duplicate HTML Tags
  • Your website architecture

With that under your belt, you can build a list of “quick fix” to improve your SEO profile, starting with duplicate HTML tags issues. Then I would check if your Inrank – a score we compute to understand how popular is a page internally – is good enough for your money pages. If not, you have an internal links problem. This can be be really impactful, we saw customers who divide by 4 their URL depths and who gain about 30% more SEO traffic in just one month!

Go Crawl your first website for free

As we’ve just launched our beta publicly, Oncrawl is still a work in progress, don’t forget to add us on Facebook or Twitter to get our latest updates and our Tips and Tricks.


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