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Oncrawl Backlinks

An Oncrawl Data³ module for actionable SEO dashboards to monitor backlinks.

Majestic and Oncrawl connector

What makes Oncrawl Backlinks unique?

Unprecedented cross-data reports

Oncrawl Backlinks combines backlink data with crawl data and log files at scale. We provide a unique overview of how your backlink breakdown influences Google hits and organic visits.

Easy setup

Oncrawl Backlinks retrieves data from your Majestic account using the Majestic API. Simply enter your access token to include your backlink data in our dashboards.

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Actionable insights

Oncrawl Backlinks lets you access precise data you can act on about your backlink distribution for each group of pages and for strategic segments.

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Unmatched filtering and export options

Oncrawl provides unmatched filtering options for you to customize, narrow down and export your data without volume restriction.

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Oncrawl Backlinks connects with leading solutions

Our clients use Oncrawl Backlinks to make good SEO decisions in coherence with global site goals

" Analyzing and presenting the data to clients has never been an easy job. But using Oncrawl I am able to simplify reports while calling the client’s attention to insights that help them to understand how the results relate to their objectives. With Oncrawl it is very easy to bridge the gap between digital marketers and their clients and form long-term relationships. "
Omi Sido Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe

How to use Oncrawl Backlinks for strategic SEO optimizations

Run a website sanity check

Include backlinks in your sanity checks and regularly make sure that your website is free of technical issues.

Scale SEO reporting

Apply your SEO reporting process to a portfolio of websites and keep an eye on their backlink strategy.

Optimize internal linking

Fine-tune the internal linking structure of your site to get the most out of incoming backlinks for SEO.

Oncrawl Data³ is composed of 4 independent modules

Oncrawl Analytics

Oncrawl Analytics

Validate the conclusions of a crawl-based audit through the intersection with data from real site traffic extracted from solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet or Adobe Analytics.
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Oncrawl SEO Impact

Oncrawl SEO Impact

Clearly understand the impact of your SEO policies on your website’s performance. Through metrics based on analysis drawn from multiple sources – namely log data and analytics solutions – you have the keys to increase your site’s ROI.
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Oncrawl Rankings

Keep track of the keywords for which you rank and how they are influenced by crawl budget and on-page SEO. Understand the impact of SEO factors on impressions and positions.
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Oncrawl Backlinks

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