OnCrawl SEO Impact

Blended data from crawls and from logs files or traffic analysis.

Gain a crystal-clear understanding of the impact of ranking factors on how your site is seen by Google.

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Understand what Google is really crawling

Measure the gap between what our SEO crawler has found and what Google is really crawling. Identify orphan pages that generate SEO traffic and revenues.

Optimize crawl frequency regarding strategic KPIs

Understand how ranking factors such as depth, content and architecture positively or negatively impact how search engines visit your pages, where your crawl budget is spent and how it can be optimized.

Direct crawl budget to strategic content

Be sure that your top priority pages are seen by Google and discover what draws organic visits by refining your index/no-index or canonical strategies.

What makes OnCrawl SEO Impact unique?

  • Unrivalled volume capacity

OnCrawl is built on a solid Big Data platform handling websites up to 70M URLs. There is no crawl we can’t handle.

  • Unlimited combined analysis

OnCrawl SEO Impact doesn’t limit the number of combined analyses you can run per project and we provide up to 600 indicators for major ranking factors.

  • Unmatched filtering and export options

OnCrawl provides unmatched filtering options for you to customize, narrow down and export your data without volume restriction.

  • Powerful segmentation

OnCrawl SEO Impact is the only solution to offer segmentations based on any dataset. Take your SEO audits one step further by mapping your URLs into strategic groups and segments.

How to use OnCrawl SEO Impact for strategic SEO optimisations


Detect orphan pages

Identify pages that are not linked to your structure to optimize internal popularity.

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Increase Google’s crawl budget

Understand what is influencing Google’s crawl budget and verify that it targets pages that generate revenues.

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Improve SEO traffic

Set your ideal page metrics to refine your SEO strategy drive organic traffic to strategic pages.

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Optimize for Rankbrain

Pinpoint the weaknesses in your content and site’s health and address them to improve users’ search experience.

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Our customers use OnCrawl to skyrocket their SEO performance

Delivering better SEO results at scale

Having a crawler and a log analyser in one package is a dream come true for every Technical SEO professional around the globe. Not just that but being able to compare crawl data against Google Analytics data and then against log data is absolutely unheard of in our industry.

Omi Sido

Omi Sido Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe

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All features included – No credit card needed