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June 8, 2015 - 3  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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“Content is one of the most important ranking factors and a quality content strategy should be part of every Search Engine Marketing plan. Because Google is deeply penalizing sites with poor and duplicate content, it is essential to detect and eliminate or enrich pages that seem similar or insignificant to search engines. Unfortunately there are just a handful of tools available today capable of automating the process of near duplicate detection and content analysis for large sites. Oncrawl is the first semantic SEO crawler, able to examine the content of your pages profoundly and comprehensively.” François Goube, Co-founder and CEO of Cogniteev
Bordeaux, June 8th 2015 – Three months after launch, Cogniteev is today presenting its updated version of Oncrawl with new semantic features. Oncrawl is a powerful tool dedicated to the on-site search engine optimization of websites. It helps discover errors in HTML code, structure and content that can compromise rankings in search engines. The new version of Oncrawl contains a content analytics module that detects duplicate and near duplicate pages, examines content density and analyses the frequency of main text sequences and key words – the so called n-grams.

Semantic expertise that helps improve the uniqueness of web content and equilibrate a content strategy

Oncrawl crawls the entire content of a website and then provides comprehensive analytics regarding SEO elements like:

  • Tags: Titles, Descriptions, H1 tags, H2 tags, etc. …
  • Performance: Load time, Weight.
  • Architecture: Internal structure, Inlinks, Outlinks, Popularity flow…
  • New! Content: Duplications, word count, n-grams.

“We ‘ve decided to incorporate things learned in NLP (Natural language processing) in our tool Oncrawl in order to put our semantics expertise into the service of SEOs and Content Strategists. Our crawlers today are able to analyze the whole text corpus of a website and extract reliable information about similar text sequences, keyword frequencies and distribution.”  Tanguy Moal, Co-Founder and CTO

The new content analytics features in detail

1. Detection of clusters of pages with duplicate and near duplicate content
Oncrawl displays pages with duplicate or near duplicate content in clusters. E-commerce vendors for example are often facing duplicate problems due to filter and search options, categorized structure, pagination, print versions, multi-language sites etc. And those duplicate pages have a negative impact for rankings in search engines. Now they can easily detect and handle those duplication issues, when they occur – for example by re-calibrating their content management systems.
2. Analysis of word count distribution and average word count
Oncrawl offers now the possibility to analyze word count and therefore detect and eliminate or enrich pages with thin content. For articles for example, more than 800 words are recommended, because long-form copy positions better and provides a higher conversion rate and better-quality leads. Thin content with less than 150 words on the other hand is often excluded from search engine results, when found (considering other criteria like bounce rates) that it doesn’t provide real value for the visitor.
3. Analysis of main n-grams (frequent text sequences and and key words)
Oncrawl extracts top text sequences and top keywords found on a site, in other words Oncrawl detects for which keywords a site likely will rank good. This allows a SEO Manager or a Content Marketer to find holes in a content strategy and to act and produce content in favor of his actual strategy or to adapt his strategy if necessary.

Enterprise SEO audits in just a few steps and for everyone

Oncrawl is an easy-to use cloud-based solution: Indicate an URL, start a crawl, analyze and optimize. With Oncrawl Cogniteev wants to make server-based SEO audits accessible for small and medium sized enterprises at moderate costs. Until now this methodology was reserved to a few big companies having the budget and the resources to develop own tools. That’s why the solution is available starting at 9,90 Euros a month, which is compared to other solutions a very good value option.

About Cogniteev: 
Cogniteev is a provider for Search and Data Intelligence solutions. Based on a technology expertise covering Crawling, Semantics and Big Data, Cogniteev cloud-based solutions are designed to extract data out of the web and to align and to structure it in an intuitive way. Aim of the team around the two co-founders Francois Goube and Tanguy Moal is to make business relevant data easily accessible and actionable both to small and to big companies. Cogniteev counts today 11 employees and has recently closed its series A round of 650k$ with VC group AquitiGestion and an Angel Investor.
Further information and Free Trial: www.oncrawl.com
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