We have been working on a New URL details lately. The main purpose of that revamping is to offer a better user experience and an easiest access to the SEO information that matter for our users.

What’s the URL details?

Our URL details tool let you dig further into the SEO informations related to any URL and provides you unique insights about your pages’ performance. From any graph on the app, you can click on the data you want to explore and access further details about a specific URL. You can also open the URL details directly from the Tools tab on the left of your app and enter the URL you want to analyze.

New URL Details

From indexability to status codes or architecture, receive every important details about a page that impact your SEO performance. You now have the right data to take action.

What’s new?

Our new URL details provides a better view of the SEO informations related to a URL. A Summary section gives you global information about your page regarding indexability, indexation, traffic and groups.

summary url details oncrawl

Then, we have separated the information between your crawl report, your logs crossed analysis and your traffic analysis. Inside each tab, data are divided by themes and business expertises:

Crawl report

  • Optimizations areas: gives you key points to focus on about main tags, content and performance ;
  • Indexability: offers details about robots.txt, canonical, status codes, meta robots, etc ;
  • Architecture: delivers insights about internal linking, pagination, inlinks, outlinks, redirection.

architecture new url details oncrawl

  • Tags: main tags, social tags, canonical url, structured data, hn, images ;
  • Editorial Insights: displays data about content, n-grams, near duplicate ;
  • Performance: load time and weight.

Logs crossed analysis

  • Logs period: the period of analysis ;
  • Crawl behavior: hits on page compared to groups and website’s average statistics and status codes encountered by bots ;

crawl behavior url details oncrawl

  • SEO impact: visits on page compared to groups and website’s average statistics.

Traffic Analysis

  • Analysis period: the period of analysis ;
  • Traffic acquisition: total sessions, SEO and SMO sessions compared to groups and website’s average statistics ;
  • Users behavior: bounce rate, average time on site, pages/ session, average session duration on page compared to groups and website’s average statistics.

users behavior url details oncrawl

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