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Link business objectives to SEO

Use SEO to help meet business goals and tie your SEO strategy to your bottom line

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3 3 ways to integrate business data: imports, connectors and dedicated exports

Should business goals drive your SEO roadmap?

Your SEO roadmap has as a final goal to increase your website’s visibility on major search engines. This is important for all businesses but it is really essential for some of them: if your website is your main or only storefront, promoting it organically online must be your priority. If you are working in the ecommerce, online publishing industries, or if you run a website listing job offers, classified ads, or even travel accommodations and tickets, business goals will have an even greater impact on your SEO strategy. And vice versa!

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How Oncrawl will help you boost revenues

Oncrawl lets you include business data in SEO analyses to take into account and optimize for increased revenue. Thanks to connectors, you can combine multiple datasets to go beyond basic dashboards. You can combine scraping, third party datasets, and native cross-analysis to draw fresh conclusions with personalized reports. With Oncrawl, you can be confident that SEO improvements are directly beneficial to business goals.

What do you need to link business goals to SEO strategy?

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Technical SEO Crawler

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" The car market, like other verticals such as travel, is seeing falling CTRs in response to Google's behavior. We needed to attack major brands and evoke change. But change that isn't in the right areas has no value to business.

We needed an SEO solution that was adaptable: in SEO there's no 'one strategy fits all'. And we found it in Oncrawl. In a single year, we saw an increase of +70% in traffic to our site, and we've seen similar improvements in conversions.
Robert Dawson-Goodey Head of SEO at Carwow

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