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Demonstrate the ROI of SEO

Communicate the business value of SEO projects and actions. 

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Why measure SEO success and its impact on the revenue?

In SEO, highlighting the associations between search behavior, traffic, conversions, and profit is therefore essential to establishing ROI. Based on data from users who have converted on your site, it is possible to assign a distinctive value for each action, and calculate your ROI based on these data. Another strategy is to demonstrate the impact of your actions: for example, if you compare the results of a current crawl with previous crawls, it will show you the impact of your changes. If you combine that with data from different sources — technical audits, SEO performance, conversions, profit… — , as you can do with Oncrawl, you will get a view of the impact, which can then be demonstrated through clear graphics and dashboards.

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Link your SEO's ROI to company's objectives

Measuring the impact of your SEO actions on revenue is essential to make people recognize the importance of SEO within your company. Being able to show ROI makes it clear that SEO improvements are directly beneficial to business goals, and helps to justify the importance of resources dedicated to SEO strategy.

What do you need to prove the value of SEO projects?

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Technical SEO Crawler

Compare the results of two crawls to show the impact of SEO modifications on your website.

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" What made Oncrawl so valuable to use in this project was the ability to cross-analyze all of the available data in one place. It's my SEO log analyzer, but it also draws on extensive crawl data and information like impressions and clicks from Google. Oncrawl uses all of these sources of information in its analyses. Without that, I wouldn't have had easy access to the numbers and charts I needed to tell the right story to the people I needed to work with. And that's what really made the difference for this project. "
Murat Yatağan VP of Growth at Brainly

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