Telling the right story to get C-Level, Product Owners, and Engineers on board for SEO projects

May 6, 2020 - 0  min reading time - by Murat Yatağan
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+30% overachievement on set objectives
90% of key pages with improved page depth
+40% increase in crawl rate on key pages

Open the door to ambitious SEO projects

Provide the data to prove key points and bring decision-makers on board

Due to the number of internal links pointing to legacy pages, Brainly’s website signals relatively lower importance for the pages that are the most valuable pages for their SEO strategy.

But the challenge was to to explain the ROI of SEO and show the value of the project to teams who would have to participate.

Discover Murat’s data-centric method to earn the support of decision-makers and engineers for your SEO projects.

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    " Restructuring the website structure by targeting the links between question pages and profile pages was low hanging fruit. With the right technical solution, it would mobilize a single developer for a few sprints to make a big impact. But more importantly, it would open the door for more important projects to come. It would help Google see and rank Brainly’s website better, which wouldn’t be possible while the page rank of question pages was still depreciated. So I could pitch this project as the first step to improve the ROI of all of our future SEO projects. "
    Murat Yatağan VP Growth @Brainly

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