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OnCrawl has been designed to make Big Data technologies accessible and actionable for any SEOs. We believe in what we do and are proud to have created the next semantic SEO crawler and log analyzer generation. OnCrawl is built on top of Nutch and ElasticSearch, with all our love and a 10 years experience in Natural Language Processing.


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Why did we build OnCrawl?

Monitoring our SEO efforts is really a pain especially when you deal with large websites. We don’t have an exhaustive overview of our content – product pages, listings, how do they perform inside my website? Are they popular? Do they get the right amount of juice? How to clearly know what’s good and what’s hurting your rankings?– It’s not humanly possible. You can just guess. But now, we can help you monitor your SEO with accurate and exhaustive data as you can't just rely on Google Webmaster Tools anymore. These tools don’t give you a clear overview, neither access to an up-to-date dataset. Moreover, you can't be sure that your top products pages are well crawled, indexed and ranked by Google. That's why we decided that these data should be available to all web workers. As we were really good at crawling the web, we tried to figure out how we could help the seosphere. So we came up with OnCrawl.

Meet our team

François Goube


Tanguy Moal


Philippe David

VP Engineer

Lionel Kappelhoff

Product evangelist

Emma Labrador

Marketing Manager

Eloïse Pouget

UI/UX Designer

Elodie Mondon

Product Owner

Anthony Pessy

Frontend Developer

Tristan Carel

Lead Developer

Tony Sanchez

Backend Developer

Adrien Landois

Graphic Designer

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